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Define.h File Reference
#include <sys/types.h>
#include <ace/Basic_Types.h>
#include <ace/ACE_export.h>
#include "Platform/CompilerDefs.h"

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#define DECLSPEC_NORETURN   __declspec(noreturn)
#define OREGON_INLINE   inline
#define ATTR_NORETURN   __attribute__((noreturn))
#define ATTR_PRINTF(F, V)   __attribute__ ((format (printf, F, V)))


typedef ACE_INT64 int64
typedef ACE_INT32 int32
typedef ACE_INT16 int16
typedef ACE_INT8 int8
typedef ACE_UINT64 uint64
typedef ACE_UINT32 uint32
typedef ACE_UINT16 uint16
typedef ACE_UINT8 uint8
typedef uint64 OBJECT_HANDLE

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#define ATTR_NORETURN   __attribute__((noreturn))


Definition at line 59 of file Define.h.

Referenced by Oregon::ObjectLifeTime< T >::ScheduleCall().

#define ATTR_PRINTF (   F,
)    __attribute__ ((format (printf, F, V)))
#define DECLSPEC_NORETURN   __declspec(noreturn)

Definition at line 42 of file Define.h.

Referenced by Oregon::ObjectLifeTime< T >::ScheduleCall().


Definition at line 29 of file Define.h.


Definition at line 35 of file Define.h.

#define OREGON_INLINE   inline

Definition at line 50 of file Define.h.


Definition at line 28 of file Define.h.


Definition at line 40 of file Define.h.

Referenced by Log::openGmlogPerAccount().

Typedef Documentation

typedef ACE_INT16 int16

Definition at line 68 of file Define.h.

typedef ACE_INT32 int32

Definition at line 67 of file Define.h.

typedef ACE_INT64 int64

Definition at line 66 of file Define.h.

typedef ACE_INT8 int8

Definition at line 69 of file Define.h.

Definition at line 80 of file Define.h.

typedef ACE_UINT16 uint16

Definition at line 72 of file Define.h.

typedef ACE_UINT32 uint32

Definition at line 71 of file Define.h.

typedef ACE_UINT64 uint64

Definition at line 70 of file Define.h.

typedef ACE_UINT8 uint8

Definition at line 73 of file Define.h.