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SkillLineAbilityEntry Struct Reference

#include <DBCStructure.h>

Public Attributes

uint32 id
uint32 skillId
uint32 spellId
uint32 racemask
uint32 classmask
uint32 req_skill_value
uint32 forward_spellid
uint32 learnOnGetSkill
uint32 max_value
uint32 min_value
uint32 reqtrainpoints

Detailed Description

Definition at line 641 of file DBCStructure.h.

Member Data Documentation

uint32 SkillLineAbilityEntry::forward_spellid
uint32 SkillLineAbilityEntry::id

Definition at line 643 of file DBCStructure.h.

uint32 SkillLineAbilityEntry::learnOnGetSkill

Definition at line 652 of file DBCStructure.h.

Referenced by Player::LearnSkillRewardedSpells().

uint32 SkillLineAbilityEntry::max_value

Definition at line 653 of file DBCStructure.h.

uint32 SkillLineAbilityEntry::min_value

Definition at line 654 of file DBCStructure.h.

uint32 SkillLineAbilityEntry::req_skill_value

Definition at line 650 of file DBCStructure.h.

uint32 SkillLineAbilityEntry::reqtrainpoints

Definition at line 656 of file DBCStructure.h.

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