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ScriptInfo Struct Reference

#include <ObjectMgr.h>

Public Member Functions

std::string GetDebugInfo () const

Public Attributes

ScriptsType type
uint32 id
uint32 delay
ScriptCommands command
union {
   struct {
      uint32   nData [3]
      float   fData [4]
   }   Raw
   struct {
      uint32   ChatType
      uint32   Flags
      int32   TextID
   }   Talk
   struct {
      uint32   EmoteID
      uint32   Flags
   }   Emote
   struct {
      uint32   FieldID
      uint32   FieldValue
   }   FieldSet
   struct {
      uint32   Unused1
      uint32   TravelTime
      int32   Unused2
      float   DestX
      float   DestY
      float   DestZ
   }   MoveTo
   struct {
      uint32   FieldID
      uint32   FieldValue
   }   FlagToggle
   struct {
      uint32   MapID
      uint32   Flags
      int32   Unused1
      float   DestX
      float   DestY
      float   DestZ
      float   Orientation
   }   TeleportTo
   struct {
      uint32   QuestID
      uint32   Distance
   }   QuestExplored
   struct {
      uint32   CreatureEntry
      uint32   Flags
   }   KillCredit
   struct {
      uint32   GOGuid
      uint32   DespawnDelay
   }   RespawnGameobject
   struct {
      uint32   CreatureEntry
      uint32   DespawnDelay
      int32   Unused1
      float   PosX
      float   PosY
      float   PosZ
      float   Orientation
   }   TempSummonCreature
   struct {
      uint32   GOGuid
      uint32   ResetDelay
   }   ToggleDoor
   struct {
      uint32   SpellID
      uint32   Flags
   }   RemoveAura
   struct {
      uint32   SpellID
      uint32   Flags
      int32   CreatureEntry
      float   SearchRadius
   }   CastSpell
   struct {
      uint32   SoundID
      uint32   Flags
   }   PlaySound
   struct {
      uint32   ItemEntry
      uint32   Amount
   }   CreateItem
   struct {
      uint32   DespawnDelay
   }   DespawnSelf
   struct {
      uint32   PathID
      uint32   IsRepeatable
   }   LoadPath
   struct {
      uint32   CreatureEntry
      uint32   ScriptID
      uint32   ScriptType
   }   CallScript
   struct {
      uint32   Unused1
      uint32   Unused2
      int32   RemoveCorpse
   }   Kill
   struct {
      uint32   Flags
      uint32   Unused1
      int32   Unused2
      float   Unused3
      float   Unused4
      float   Unused5
      float   Orientation
   }   Orientation
   struct {
      uint32   EquipmentID
   }   Equip
   struct {
      uint32   ModelID
   }   Model

Detailed Description

Definition at line 144 of file ObjectMgr.h.

Member Function Documentation

std::string ScriptInfo::GetDebugInfo ( ) const

Definition at line 218 of file ObjectMgr.cpp.

References command, GetScriptCommandName(), GetScriptsTableNameByType(), and type.

Referenced by Map::_GetScriptCreature(), Map::_GetScriptCreatureSourceOrTarget(), Map::_GetScriptPlayer(), Map::_GetScriptPlayerSourceOrTarget(), Map::_GetScriptUnit(), Map::_GetScriptWorldObject(), Map::_ScriptProcessDoor(), and Map::ScriptsProcess().

219 {
220  char sz[256];
221  sprintf(sz, "%s ('%s' script id: %u)", GetScriptCommandName(command).c_str(), GetScriptsTableNameByType(type).c_str(), id);
222  return std::string(sz);
223 }
std::string GetScriptCommandName(ScriptCommands command)
Definition: ObjectMgr.cpp:120
ScriptCommands command
Definition: ObjectMgr.h:149
ScriptsType type
Definition: ObjectMgr.h:146
std::string GetScriptsTableNameByType(ScriptsType type)
Definition: ObjectMgr.cpp:56

Member Data Documentation

union { ... }
uint32 ScriptInfo::Amount

Definition at line 271 of file ObjectMgr.h.

struct { ... } ScriptInfo::CallScript

Referenced by Map::ScriptsProcess().

struct { ... } ScriptInfo::CastSpell
uint32 ScriptInfo::ChatType

Definition at line 161 of file ObjectMgr.h.

struct { ... } ScriptInfo::CreateItem
uint32 ScriptInfo::CreatureEntry

Definition at line 216 of file ObjectMgr.h.

int32 ScriptInfo::CreatureEntry

Definition at line 257 of file ObjectMgr.h.

uint32 ScriptInfo::delay

Definition at line 148 of file ObjectMgr.h.

Referenced by ObjectMgr::LoadScripts().

uint32 ScriptInfo::DespawnDelay

Definition at line 223 of file ObjectMgr.h.

struct { ... } ScriptInfo::DespawnSelf

Referenced by Map::ScriptsProcess().

float ScriptInfo::DestX

Definition at line 184 of file ObjectMgr.h.

float ScriptInfo::DestY

Definition at line 185 of file ObjectMgr.h.

float ScriptInfo::DestZ

Definition at line 186 of file ObjectMgr.h.

uint32 ScriptInfo::Distance

Definition at line 211 of file ObjectMgr.h.

struct { ... } ScriptInfo::Emote
uint32 ScriptInfo::EmoteID

Definition at line 168 of file ObjectMgr.h.

struct { ... } ScriptInfo::Equip

Referenced by Map::ScriptsProcess().

uint32 ScriptInfo::EquipmentID

Definition at line 313 of file ObjectMgr.h.

float ScriptInfo::fData[4]

Definition at line 156 of file ObjectMgr.h.

uint32 ScriptInfo::FieldID

Definition at line 174 of file ObjectMgr.h.

struct { ... } ScriptInfo::FieldSet

Referenced by Map::ScriptsProcess().

uint32 ScriptInfo::FieldValue

Definition at line 175 of file ObjectMgr.h.

uint32 ScriptInfo::Flags

Definition at line 162 of file ObjectMgr.h.

struct { ... } ScriptInfo::FlagToggle

Referenced by Map::ScriptsProcess().

uint32 ScriptInfo::GOGuid

Definition at line 222 of file ObjectMgr.h.

uint32 ScriptInfo::IsRepeatable

Definition at line 282 of file ObjectMgr.h.

uint32 ScriptInfo::ItemEntry

Definition at line 270 of file ObjectMgr.h.

struct { ... } ScriptInfo::Kill

Referenced by Map::ScriptsProcess().

struct { ... } ScriptInfo::KillCredit
struct { ... } ScriptInfo::LoadPath

Referenced by Map::ScriptsProcess().

uint32 ScriptInfo::MapID

Definition at line 198 of file ObjectMgr.h.

struct { ... } ScriptInfo::Model

Referenced by Map::ScriptsProcess().

uint32 ScriptInfo::ModelID

Definition at line 318 of file ObjectMgr.h.

struct { ... } ScriptInfo::MoveTo
uint32 ScriptInfo::nData[3]

Definition at line 155 of file ObjectMgr.h.

float ScriptInfo::Orientation

Definition at line 205 of file ObjectMgr.h.

Referenced by Map::ScriptsProcess().

struct { ... } ScriptInfo::Orientation
uint32 ScriptInfo::PathID

Definition at line 281 of file ObjectMgr.h.

struct { ... } ScriptInfo::PlaySound

Referenced by Map::ScriptsProcess().

float ScriptInfo::PosX

Definition at line 232 of file ObjectMgr.h.

float ScriptInfo::PosY

Definition at line 233 of file ObjectMgr.h.

float ScriptInfo::PosZ

Definition at line 234 of file ObjectMgr.h.

struct { ... } ScriptInfo::QuestExplored
uint32 ScriptInfo::QuestID

Definition at line 210 of file ObjectMgr.h.

struct { ... } ScriptInfo::Raw

Referenced by ObjectMgr::LoadScripts().

struct { ... } ScriptInfo::RemoveAura
int32 ScriptInfo::RemoveCorpse

Definition at line 296 of file ObjectMgr.h.

uint32 ScriptInfo::ResetDelay

Definition at line 242 of file ObjectMgr.h.

struct { ... } ScriptInfo::RespawnGameobject
uint32 ScriptInfo::ScriptID

Definition at line 288 of file ObjectMgr.h.

uint32 ScriptInfo::ScriptType

Definition at line 289 of file ObjectMgr.h.

float ScriptInfo::SearchRadius

Definition at line 259 of file ObjectMgr.h.

uint32 ScriptInfo::SoundID

Definition at line 264 of file ObjectMgr.h.

uint32 ScriptInfo::SpellID

Definition at line 249 of file ObjectMgr.h.

struct { ... } ScriptInfo::Talk
struct { ... } ScriptInfo::TeleportTo
struct { ... } ScriptInfo::TempSummonCreature
int32 ScriptInfo::TextID

Definition at line 163 of file ObjectMgr.h.

struct { ... } ScriptInfo::ToggleDoor
uint32 ScriptInfo::TravelTime

Definition at line 181 of file ObjectMgr.h.

uint32 ScriptInfo::Unused1

Definition at line 180 of file ObjectMgr.h.

int32 ScriptInfo::Unused1

Definition at line 200 of file ObjectMgr.h.

int32 ScriptInfo::Unused2

Definition at line 182 of file ObjectMgr.h.

uint32 ScriptInfo::Unused2

Definition at line 295 of file ObjectMgr.h.

float ScriptInfo::Unused3

Definition at line 305 of file ObjectMgr.h.

float ScriptInfo::Unused4

Definition at line 306 of file ObjectMgr.h.

float ScriptInfo::Unused5

Definition at line 307 of file ObjectMgr.h.

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