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Player Class Reference

#include <Player.h>

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struct  BgBattlegroundQueueID_Rec

Public Types

typedef UNORDERED_MAP< uint32, Item * > ItemMap
typedef std::set< uint64ClientGUIDs
typedef UNORDERED_MAP< uint32, InstancePlayerBindBoundInstancesMap
- Public Types inherited from Unit
typedef std::set< Unit * > AttackerSet
typedef std::set< Unit * > ControlList
typedef std::pair< uint32, uint8spellEffectPair
typedef std::multimap< spellEffectPair, Aura * > AuraMap
typedef std::list< Aura * > AuraList
typedef std::list< DiminishingReturnDiminishing
typedef std::set< AuraTypeAuraTypeSet
typedef std::set< uint32ComboPointHolderSet
typedef std::set< PetAura const * > PetAuraSet

Public Member Functions

 Player (WorldSession *session)
 ~Player () override
void CleanupsBeforeDelete () override
void AddToWorld () override
void RemoveFromWorld () override
void SetObjectScale (float scale)
bool TeleportTo (uint32 mapid, float x, float y, float z, float orientation, uint32 options=0)
bool TeleportTo (WorldLocation const &loc, uint32 options=0)
bool TeleportToBGEntryPoint ()
void SetSummonPoint (uint32 mapid, float x, float y, float z)
void SummonIfPossible (bool agree)
bool Create (uint32 guidlow, const std::string &name, uint8 race, uint8 class_, uint8 gender, uint8 skin, uint8 face, uint8 hairStyle, uint8 hairColor, uint8 facialHair, uint8 outfitId)
void Update (uint32 time) override
void SetInWater (bool apply)
bool IsInWater () const override
bool IsUnderWater () const override
bool IsFalling ()
bool IsInAreaTriggerRadius (const AreaTriggerEntry *trigger) const
void SendInitialPacketsBeforeAddToMap ()
void SendInitialPacketsAfterAddToMap ()
void SendTransferAborted (uint32 mapid, uint16 reason)
void SendInstanceResetWarning (uint32 mapid, uint32 time)
bool CanInteractWithQuestGiver (Object *questGiver)
CreatureGetNPCIfCanInteractWith (uint64 guid, uint32 npcflagmask)
GameObjectGetGameObjectIfCanInteractWith (uint64 guid, GameobjectTypes type) const
void ToggleAFK ()
void ToggleDND ()
bool isAFK () const
bool isDND () const
uint8 GetChatTag () const
PlayerSocialGetSocial ()
void InitTaxiNodesForLevel ()
bool ActivateTaxiPathTo (std::vector< uint32 > const &nodes, uint32 mount_id=0, Creature *npc=NULL)
bool ActivateTaxiPathTo (uint32 taxi_path_id)
void CleanupAfterTaxiFlight ()
void ContinueTaxiFlight ()
bool isAcceptWhispers () const
void SetAcceptWhispers (bool on)
bool IsGameMaster () const
void SetGameMaster (bool on)
bool isGMChat () const
void SetGMChat (bool on)
bool isTaxiCheater () const
void SetTaxiCheater (bool on)
bool isGMVisible () const
void SetGMVisible (bool on)
void SetPvPDeath (bool on)
void GiveXP (uint32 xp, Unit *victim, bool disableRafBonus=false)
void GiveLevel (uint32 level, bool ignoreRAF=false)
void InitStatsForLevel (bool reapplyMods=false)
bool GetCommandStatus (uint32 command) const
void SetCommandStatusOn (uint32 command)
void SetCommandStatusOff (uint32 command)
uint32 GetTotalPlayedTime ()
uint32 GetLevelPlayedTime ()
void ResetTimeSync ()
void SendTimeSync ()
void setDeathState (DeathState s) override
float GetRestBonus () const
void SetRestBonus (float rest_bonus_new)
bool HasRestFlag (RestFlag restFlag) const
void SetRestFlag (RestFlag restFlag, uint32 triggerId=0)
void RemoveRestFlag (RestFlag restFlag)
uint32 GetXPRestBonus (uint32 xp)
uint32 GetInnTriggerId () const
PetGetPet () const
PetSummonPet (uint32 entry, float x, float y, float z, float ang, PetType petType, uint32 despwtime)
void RemovePet (Pet *pet, PetSaveMode mode, bool returnreagent=false)
uint32 GetPhaseMaskForSpawn () const
void Say (const std::string &text, const uint32 language)
void Yell (const std::string &text, const uint32 language)
void TextEmote (const std::string &text)
void Whisper (const std::string &text, const uint32 language, uint64 receiver)
void Whisper (const std::string &text, const uint32 language, Player *receiver)
void BuildPlayerChat (WorldPacket *data, uint8 msgtype, const std::string &text, uint32 language) const
void SetVirtualItemSlot (uint8 i, Item *item)
void SetSheath (SheathState sheathed) override
uint8 FindEquipSlot (ItemTemplate const *proto, uint32 slot, bool swap) const
uint32 GetItemCount (uint32 item, bool inBankAlso=false, Item *skipItem=NULL) const
ItemGetItemByGuid (uint64 guid) const
ItemGetItemByPos (uint16 pos) const
ItemGetItemByPos (uint8 bag, uint8 slot) const
ItemGetWeaponForAttack (WeaponAttackType attackType, bool useable=false) const
ItemGetShield (bool useable=false) const
std::vector< Item * > & GetItemUpdateQueue ()
bool IsValidPos (uint16 pos)
bool IsValidPos (uint8 bag, uint8 slot)
uint8 GetBankBagSlotCount () const
bool HasBankBagSlot (uint8 slot) const
bool HasItemCount (uint32 item, uint32 count, bool inBankAlso=false) const
bool HasItemFitToSpellReqirements (SpellEntry const *spellInfo, Item const *ignoreItem=NULL)
bool CanCastNoReagents (SpellEntry const *spellInfo) const
ItemGetItemOrItemWithGemEquipped (uint32 item) const
uint8 CanTakeMoreSimilarItems (Item *pItem) const
uint8 CanTakeMoreSimilarItems (uint32 entry, uint32 count) const
uint8 CanStoreNewItem (uint8 bag, uint8 slot, ItemPosCountVec &dest, uint32 item, uint32 count, uint32 *no_space_count=NULL) const
uint8 CanStoreItem (uint8 bag, uint8 slot, ItemPosCountVec &dest, Item *pItem, bool swap=false) const
uint8 CanStoreItems (Item **pItem, int count) const
uint8 CanEquipNewItem (uint8 slot, uint16 &dest, uint32 item, bool swap) const
uint8 CanEquipItem (uint8 slot, uint16 &dest, Item *pItem, bool swap, bool not_loading=true) const
uint8 CanUnequipItems (uint32 item, uint32 count) const
uint8 CanUnequipItem (uint16 src, bool swap) const
uint8 CanBankItem (uint8 bag, uint8 slot, ItemPosCountVec &dest, Item *pItem, bool swap, bool not_loading=true) const
uint8 CanUseItem (Item *pItem, bool not_loading=true) const
bool HasItemTotemCategory (uint32 TotemCategory) const
bool CanUseItem (ItemTemplate const *pItem)
uint8 CanUseAmmo (uint32 item) const
ItemStoreNewItem (ItemPosCountVec const &pos, uint32 item, bool update, int32 randomPropertyId=0)
ItemStoreItem (ItemPosCountVec const &pos, Item *pItem, bool update)
ItemEquipNewItem (uint16 pos, uint32 item, bool update)
ItemEquipItem (uint16 pos, Item *pItem, bool update)
void AutoUnequipOffhandIfNeed ()
bool StoreNewItemInBestSlots (uint32 item_id, uint32 item_count)
uint8 _CanTakeMoreSimilarItems (uint32 entry, uint32 count, Item *pItem, uint32 *no_space_count=NULL) const
uint8 _CanStoreItem (uint8 bag, uint8 slot, ItemPosCountVec &dest, uint32 entry, uint32 count, Item *pItem=NULL, bool swap=false, uint32 *no_space_count=NULL) const
void ApplyEquipCooldown (Item *pItem)
void SetAmmo (uint32 item)
void RemoveAmmo ()
float GetAmmoDPS () const
bool CheckAmmoCompatibility (const ItemTemplate *ammo_proto) const
void QuickEquipItem (uint16 pos, Item *pItem)
void VisualizeItem (uint8 slot, Item *pItem)
void SetVisibleItemSlot (uint8 slot, Item *pItem)
ItemBankItem (ItemPosCountVec const &dest, Item *pItem, bool update)
ItemBankItem (uint16 pos, Item *pItem, bool update)
void RemoveItem (uint8 bag, uint8 slot, bool update)
void MoveItemFromInventory (uint8 bag, uint8 slot, bool update)
void MoveItemToInventory (ItemPosCountVec const &dest, Item *pItem, bool update, bool in_characterInventoryDB=false)
void RemoveItemDependentAurasAndCasts (Item *pItem)
void DestroyItem (uint8 bag, uint8 slot, bool update)
void DestroyItemCount (uint32 item, uint32 count, bool update, bool unequip_check=false)
void DestroyItemCount (Item *item, uint32 &count, bool update)
void DestroyConjuredItems (bool update)
void DestroyZoneLimitedItem (bool update, uint32 new_zone)
void SplitItem (uint16 src, uint16 dst, uint32 count)
void SwapItem (uint16 src, uint16 dst)
void AddItemToBuyBackSlot (Item *pItem)
ItemGetItemFromBuyBackSlot (uint32 slot)
void RemoveItemFromBuyBackSlot (uint32 slot, bool del)
uint32 GetMaxKeyringSize () const
void SendEquipError (uint8 msg, Item *pItem, Item *pItem2)
void SendBuyError (uint8 msg, Creature *pCreature, uint32 item, uint32 param)
void SendSellError (uint8 msg, Creature *pCreature, uint64 guid, uint32 param)
void SendReferFriendError (ReferFriendError err, const char *name=0)
void AddWeaponProficiency (uint32 newflag)
void AddArmorProficiency (uint32 newflag)
uint32 GetWeaponProficiency () const
uint32 GetArmorProficiency () const
bool IsInFeralForm () const
bool IsUseEquippedWeapon (bool mainhand) const
void SendNewItem (Item *item, uint32 count, bool received, bool created, bool broadcast=false)
bool BuyItemFromVendor (uint64 vendorguid, uint32 item, uint8 count, uint8 bag, uint8 slot)
float GetReputationPriceDiscount (Creature const *pCreature) const
PlayerGetTrader () const
void ClearTrade ()
void TradeCancel (bool sendback)
CinematicMgrGetCinematicMgr () const
ItemGetItemByTradeSlot (uint8 slot) const
void UpdateEnchantTime (uint32 time)
void UpdateItemDuration (uint32 time, bool realtimeonly=false)
void AddEnchantmentDurations (Item *item)
void RemoveEnchantmentDurations (Item *item)
void RemoveEnchantmentDurationsReferences (Item *item)
void RemoveAllEnchantments (EnchantmentSlot slot, bool arena)
void AddEnchantmentDuration (Item *item, EnchantmentSlot slot, uint32 duration)
void ApplyEnchantment (Item *item, EnchantmentSlot slot, bool apply, bool apply_dur=true, bool ignore_condition=false)
void ApplyEnchantment (Item *item, bool apply)
void SendEnchantmentDurations ()
void AddItemDurations (Item *item)
void RemoveItemDurations (Item *item)
void SendItemDurations ()
void LoadCorpse ()
void LoadPet ()
uint32 GetFullGrantableLevels () const
float GetGrantableLevels () const
void SetGrantableLevels (float amount)
float GetReferFriendXPMultiplier () const
bool AddItem (uint32 itemId, uint32 count)
void PrepareGossipMenu (WorldObject *source, uint32 menuId=0, bool showQuests=false)
void SendPreparedGossip (WorldObject *source)
void OnGossipSelect (WorldObject *source, uint32 gossipListId, uint32 menuId)
uint32 GetGossipTextId (uint32 menuId, WorldObject *source)
uint32 GetGossipTextId (WorldObject *pSource)
uint32 GetDefaultGossipMenuForSource (WorldObject *pSource)
uint32 GetQuestLevelForPlayer (Quest const *pQuest) const
void PrepareQuestMenu (uint64 guid)
void SendPreparedQuest (uint64 guid)
bool IsActiveQuest (uint32 quest_id) const
Quest const * GetNextQuest (uint64 guid, Quest const *pQuest)
bool CanSeeStartQuest (Quest const *pQuest)
bool CanTakeQuest (Quest const *pQuest, bool msg)
bool CanAddQuest (Quest const *pQuest, bool msg)
bool CanCompleteQuest (uint32 quest_id)
bool CanCompleteRepeatableQuest (Quest const *pQuest)
bool CanRewardQuest (Quest const *pQuest, bool msg)
bool CanRewardQuest (Quest const *pQuest, uint32 reward, bool msg)
void AddQuestAndCheckCompletion (Quest const *quest, Object *questGiver)
void AddQuest (Quest const *pQuest, Object *questGiver)
void CompleteQuest (uint32 quest_id)
void IncompleteQuest (uint32 quest_id)
void AbandonQuest (uint32 questId)
void RewardQuest (Quest const *pQuest, uint32 reward, Object *questGiver, bool announce=true)
void FailQuest (uint32 questId)
bool SatisfyQuestSkill (Quest const *qInfo, bool msg) const
bool SatisfyQuestLevel (Quest const *qInfo, bool msg)
bool SatisfyQuestLog (bool msg)
bool SatisfyQuestPreviousQuest (Quest const *qInfo, bool msg)
bool SatisfyQuestClass (Quest const *qInfo, bool msg) const
bool SatisfyQuestRace (Quest const *qInfo, bool msg)
bool SatisfyQuestReputation (Quest const *qInfo, bool msg)
bool SatisfyQuestStatus (Quest const *qInfo, bool msg)
bool SatisfyQuestConditions (Quest const *qInfo, bool msg)
bool SatisfyQuestTimed (Quest const *qInfo, bool msg)
bool SatisfyQuestExclusiveGroup (Quest const *qInfo, bool msg)
bool SatisfyQuestNextChain (Quest const *qInfo, bool msg)
bool SatisfyQuestPrevChain (Quest const *qInfo, bool msg)
bool SatisfyQuestDay (Quest const *qInfo, bool msg)
bool GiveQuestSourceItem (Quest const *pQuest)
bool TakeQuestSourceItem (uint32 quest_id, bool msg)
bool GetQuestRewardStatus (uint32 quest_id) const
QuestStatus GetQuestStatus (uint32 quest_id) const
void SetQuestStatus (uint32 quest_id, QuestStatus status)
void SetDailyQuestStatus (uint32 quest_id)
void ResetDailyQuestStatus ()
uint16 FindQuestSlot (uint32 quest_id) const
uint32 GetQuestSlotQuestId (uint16 slot) const
uint32 GetQuestSlotState (uint16 slot) const
uint32 GetQuestSlotCounters (uint16 slot) const
uint8 GetQuestSlotCounter (uint16 slot, uint8 counter) const
uint32 GetQuestSlotTime (uint16 slot) const
void SetQuestSlot (uint16 slot, uint32 quest_id, uint32 timer=0)
void SetQuestSlotCounter (uint16 slot, uint8 counter, uint8 count)
void SetQuestSlotState (uint16 slot, uint32 state)
void RemoveQuestSlotState (uint16 slot, uint32 state)
void SetQuestSlotTimer (uint16 slot, uint32 timer)
void SwapQuestSlot (uint16 slot1, uint16 slot2)
uint32 GetReqKillOrCastCurrentCount (uint32 quest_id, int32 entry)
void AdjustQuestReqItemCount (Quest const *pQuest)
void AreaExploredOrEventHappens (uint32 questId)
void GroupEventHappens (uint32 questId, WorldObject const *pEventObject)
void ItemAddedQuestCheck (uint32 entry, uint32 count)
void ItemRemovedQuestCheck (uint32 entry, uint32 count)
void KilledMonster (CreatureInfo const *cInfo, uint64 guid)
void KilledMonsterCredit (uint32 entry, uint64 guid=0)
void CastedCreatureOrGO (uint32 entry, uint64 guid, uint32 spell_id)
void TalkedToCreature (uint32 entry, uint64 guid)
void MoneyChanged (uint32 value)
bool HasQuestForItem (uint32 itemid) const
bool HasQuestForGO (int32 GOId)
void UpdateForQuestsGO ()
bool CanShareQuest (uint32 quest_id) const
void SendQuestComplete (uint32 quest_id)
void SendQuestReward (Quest const *pQuest, uint32 XP, Object *questGiver)
void SendQuestFailed (uint32 quest_id)
void SendQuestTimerFailed (uint32 quest_id)
void SendCanTakeQuestResponse (uint32 msg) const
void SendQuestConfirmAccept (Quest const *pQuest, Player *pReceiver)
void SendPushToPartyResponse (Player *pPlayer, uint32 msg)
void SendQuestUpdateAddItem (Quest const *pQuest, uint32 item_idx, uint32 count)
void SendQuestUpdateAddCreatureOrGo (Quest const *pQuest, uint64 guid, uint32 creatureOrGO_idx, uint32 old_count, uint32 add_count)
uint32 GetSharedQuestID () const
ObjectGuid GetPlayerSharingQuest () const
void SetQuestSharingInfo (ObjectGuid guid, uint32 id)
void ClearQuestSharingInfo ()
uint32 GetInGameTime () const
void SetInGameTime (uint32 time)
void AddTimedQuest (uint32 questId)
void RemoveTimedQuest (uint32 questId)
bool LoadFromDB (uint32 guid, SqlQueryHolder *holder)
void Initialize (uint32 guid)
void SaveToDB ()
void SaveInventoryAndGoldToDB ()
void SaveGoldToDB ()
void SaveDataFieldToDB ()
void SetBindPoint (uint64 guid)
void SendTalentWipeConfirm (uint64 guid)
void RewardRage (uint32 damage, uint32 weaponSpeedHitFactor, bool attacker)
void SendPetSkillWipeConfirm ()
void CalcRage (uint32 damage, bool attacker)
void RegenerateAll ()
void Regenerate (Powers power)
void RegenerateHealth ()
void setRegenTimer (uint32 time)
void setWeaponChangeTimer (uint32 time)
uint32 GetMoney ()
void ModifyMoney (int32 d)
void SetMoney (uint32 value)
uint32 GetTutorialInt (uint32 intId)
void SetTutorialInt (uint32 intId, uint32 value)
QuestStatusMapgetQuestStatusMap ()
UnitGetSelectedUnit () const
PlayerGetSelectedPlayer () const
const uint64GetSelection () const
void SetSelection (const uint64 &guid)
uint8 GetComboPoints ()
uint64 GetComboTarget ()
void AddComboPoints (Unit *target, int8 count)
void ClearComboPoints ()
void SendComboPoints ()
void SendMailResult (uint32 mailId, MailResponseType mailAction, MailResponseResult mailError, uint32 equipError=0, uint32 item_guid=0, uint32 item_count=0)
void SendNewMail ()
void UpdateNextMailTimeAndUnreads ()
void AddNewMailDeliverTime (time_t deliver_time)
bool IsMailsLoaded () const
void RemoveMail (uint32 id)
void AddMail (Mail *mail)
uint32 GetMailSize ()
MailGetMail (uint32 id)
PlayerMails::iterator GetmailBegin ()
PlayerMails::iterator GetmailEnd ()
ItemGetMItem (uint32 id)
void AddMItem (Item *it)
bool RemoveMItem (uint32 id)
void PetSpellInitialize ()
void CharmSpellInitialize ()
void PossessSpellInitialize ()
void SendRemoveControlBar ()
bool HasSpell (uint32 spell) const override
bool HasActiveSpell (uint32 spell) const
TrainerSpellState GetTrainerSpellState (TrainerSpell const *trainer_spell) const
bool IsSpellFitByClassAndRace (uint32 spell_id) const
void SendProficiency (ItemClass itemClass, uint32 itemSubclassMask)
void SendInitialSpells ()
bool AddSpell (uint32 spell_id, bool active, bool learning=true, bool loading=false, bool disabled=false)
void LearnSpell (uint32 spell_id)
void RemoveSpell (uint32 spell_id, bool disabled=false)
void ResetSpells ()
void LearnDefaultSpells (bool loading=false)
void LearnQuestRewardedSpells ()
void LearnQuestRewardedSpells (Quest const *quest)
void LearnSpellHighestRank (uint32 spellid)
uint32 GetHighestLearnedRankOf (uint32 spellid) const override
uint32 GetFreeTalentPoints () const
void SetFreeTalentPoints (uint32 points)
bool ResetTalents (bool no_cost=false)
uint32 ResetTalentsCost () const
void InitTalentForLevel ()
uint32 GetFreePrimaryProfessionPoints () const
void SetFreePrimaryProfessions (uint16 profs)
void InitPrimaryProfessions ()
PlayerSpellMap const & GetSpellMap () const
PlayerSpellMapGetSpellMap ()
void AddSpellMod (SpellModifier *mod, bool apply)
int32 GetTotalFlatMods (uint32 spellId, SpellModOp op)
int32 GetTotalPctMods (uint32 spellId, SpellModOp op)
bool IsAffectedBySpellmod (SpellEntry const *spellInfo, SpellModifier *mod, Spell const *spell=NULL)
template<class T >
ApplySpellMod (uint32 spellId, SpellModOp op, T &basevalue, Spell const *spell=NULL)
void RemoveSpellMods (Spell const *spell)
void RestoreSpellMods (Spell const *spell)
bool HasSpellCooldown (uint32 spell_id) const
uint32 GetSpellCooldownDelay (uint32 spell_id) const
void AddSpellCooldown (uint32 spell_id, uint32 itemid, time_t end_time)
void SendCooldownEvent (SpellEntry const *spellInfo)
void ProhibitSpellSchool (SpellSchoolMask idSchoolMask, uint32 unTimeMs) override
void RemoveSpellCooldown (uint32 spell_id, bool update=false)
void SendClearCooldown (uint32 spell_id, Unit *target)
void RemoveArenaSpellCooldowns ()
void RemoveAllSpellCooldown ()
void _LoadSpellCooldowns (QueryResult_AutoPtr result)
void _SaveSpellCooldowns ()
void AddGlobalCooldown (SpellEntry const *spellInfo, Spell *spell)
bool HasGlobalCooldown (SpellEntry const *spellInfo) const
void RemoveGlobalCooldown (SpellEntry const *spellInfo)
void setResurrectRequestData (uint64 guid, uint32 mapId, float X, float Y, float Z, uint32 health, uint32 mana)
void clearResurrectRequestData ()
bool isRessurectRequestedBy (uint64 guid) const
bool isRessurectRequested () const
void ResurectUsingRequestData ()
int getCinematic ()
void setCinematic (int cine)
void addActionButton (uint8 button, uint16 action, uint8 type, uint8 misc)
void removeActionButton (uint8 button)
void SendInitialActionButtons ()
void UpdatePvPState (bool onlyFFA=false)
void SetPvP (bool state)
void UpdatePvP (bool state, bool override=false)
bool IsFFAPvP () const
void SetFFAPvP (bool state)
void UpdateZone (uint32 newZone)
void UpdateArea (uint32 newArea)
void UpdateZoneDependentAuras (uint32 zone_id)
void UpdateAreaDependentAuras (uint32 area_id)
void UpdateAfkReport (time_t currTime)
 checks the 15 afk reports per 5 minutes limit More...
void UpdatePvPFlag (time_t currTime)
void UpdateContestedPvP (uint32 currTime)
void SetContestedPvPTimer (uint32 newTime)
void ResetContestedPvP ()
void UpdateDuelFlag (time_t currTime)
void CheckDuelDistance (time_t currTime)
void DuelComplete (DuelCompleteType type)
bool IsGroupVisibleFor (Player const *p) const
bool IsInSameGroupWith (Player const *p) const
bool IsInSameRaidWith (Player const *p) const
void UninviteFromGroup ()
void RemoveFromGroup (RemoveMethod method=GROUP_REMOVEMETHOD_DEFAULT)
void SendUpdateToOutOfRangeGroupMembers ()
void SetInGuild (uint32 GuildId)
void SetRank (uint32 rankId)
void SetGuildIdInvited (uint32 GuildId)
uint32 GetGuildId ()
uint32 GetRank ()
int GetGuildIdInvited ()
void SetInArenaTeam (uint32 ArenaTeamId, uint8 slot)
void SetArenaTeamInfoField (uint8 slot, ArenaTeamInfoType type, uint32 value)
uint32 GetArenaTeamId (uint8 slot)
uint32 GetArenaPersonalRating (uint8 slot)
void SetArenaTeamIdInvited (uint32 ArenaTeamId)
uint32 GetArenaTeamIdInvited ()
void SetDifficulty (DungeonDifficulty dungeon_difficulty)
DungeonDifficulty GetDifficulty ()
bool UpdateSkill (uint32 skill_id, uint32 step)
bool UpdateSkillPro (uint16 SkillId, int32 Chance, uint32 step)
bool UpdateCraftSkill (uint32 spellid)
bool UpdateGatherSkill (uint32 SkillId, uint32 SkillValue, uint32 RedLevel, uint32 Multiplicator=1)
bool UpdateFishingSkill ()
uint32 GetBaseDefenseSkillValue () const
uint32 GetBaseWeaponSkillValue (WeaponAttackType attType) const
uint32 GetSpellByProto (ItemTemplate *proto)
float GetHealthBonusFromStamina ()
float GetManaBonusFromIntellect ()
bool UpdateStats (Stats stat) override
bool UpdateAllStats () override
void UpdateResistances (uint32 school) override
void UpdateArmor () override
void UpdateMaxHealth () override
void UpdateMaxPower (Powers power) override
void UpdateAttackPowerAndDamage (bool ranged=false) override
void UpdateShieldBlockValue ()
void UpdateSpellDamageAndHealingBonus ()
void CalculateMinMaxDamage (WeaponAttackType attType, bool normalized, bool addTotalPct, float &minDamage, float &maxDamage) override
void UpdateDefenseBonusesMod ()
void ApplyRatingMod (CombatRating cr, int32 value, bool apply)
float GetMeleeCritFromAgility ()
float GetDodgeFromAgility ()
float GetSpellCritFromIntellect ()
float OCTRegenHPPerSpirit ()
float OCTRegenMPPerSpirit ()
float GetRatingMultiplier (CombatRating cr) const
float GetRatingBonusValue (CombatRating cr) const
uint32 GetMeleeCritDamageReduction (uint32 damage) const
uint32 GetRangedCritDamageReduction (uint32 damage) const
uint32 GetSpellCritDamageReduction (uint32 damage) const
uint32 GetDotDamageReduction (uint32 damage) const
float GetExpertiseDodgeOrParryReduction (WeaponAttackType attType) const
void UpdateBlockPercentage ()
void UpdateCritPercentage (WeaponAttackType attType)
void UpdateAllCritPercentages ()
void UpdateParryPercentage ()
void UpdateDodgePercentage ()
void UpdateMeleeHitChances ()
void UpdateRangedHitChances ()
void UpdateSpellHitChances ()
void UpdateAllSpellCritChances ()
void UpdateSpellCritChance (uint32 school)
void UpdateExpertise (WeaponAttackType attType)
void UpdateManaRegen ()
const uint64GetLootGUID () const
void SetLootGUID (const uint64 &guid)
void RemovedInsignia (Player *looterPlr)
WorldSessionGetSession () const
void SetSession (WorldSession *s)
void BuildCreateUpdateBlockForPlayer (UpdateData *data, Player *target) const override
void DestroyForPlayer (Player *target, bool onDeath=false) const override
void SendDelayResponse (const uint32)
void SendLogXPGain (uint32 GivenXP, Unit *victim, uint32 RestXP, bool RafBonus=false)
uint8 LastSwingErrorMsg () const
void SwingErrorMsg (uint8 val)
void SendAttackSwingCantAttack ()
void SendAttackSwingCancelAttack ()
void SendAttackSwingDeadTarget ()
void SendAttackSwingNotStanding ()
void SendAttackSwingNotInRange ()
void SendAttackSwingBadFacingAttack ()
void SendAutoRepeatCancel ()
void SendExplorationExperience (uint32 Area, uint32 Experience)
void SendDungeonDifficulty (bool IsInGroup)
void ResetInstances (uint8 method)
void SendResetInstanceSuccess (uint32 MapId)
void SendResetInstanceFailed (uint32 reason, uint32 MapId)
void SendResetFailedNotify (uint32 mapid)
bool SetPosition (float x, float y, float z, float orientation, bool teleport=false) override
bool SetPosition (const Position &pos, bool teleport=false)
void UpdateUnderwaterState (Map *m, float x, float y, float z)
void SendMessageToSet (WorldPacket *data, bool self) override
void SendMessageToSetInRange (WorldPacket *data, float fist, bool self) override
void SendMessageToSetInRange (WorldPacket *data, float dist, bool self, bool own_team_only)
CorpseGetCorpse () const
void SpawnCorpseBones ()
void CreateCorpse ()
void KillPlayer ()
uint32 GetResurrectionSpellId ()
void ResurrectPlayer (float restore_percent, bool applySickness=false)
void BuildPlayerRepop ()
void RepopAtGraveyard ()
void DurabilityLossAll (double percent, bool inventory)
void DurabilityLoss (Item *item, double percent)
void DurabilityPointsLossAll (int32 points, bool inventory)
void DurabilityPointsLoss (Item *item, int32 points)
void DurabilityPointLossForEquipSlot (EquipmentSlots slot)
uint32 DurabilityRepairAll (bool cost, float discountMod, bool guildBank)
uint32 DurabilityRepair (uint16 pos, bool cost, float discountMod, bool guildBank)
void UpdateMirrorTimers ()
void StopMirrorTimers ()
void JoinedChannel (Channel *c)
void LeftChannel (Channel *c)
void CleanupChannels ()
void UpdateLocalChannels (uint32 newZone)
void LeaveLFGChannel ()
void UpdateDefense ()
void UpdateWeaponSkill (WeaponAttackType attType)
void UpdateCombatSkills (Unit *victim, WeaponAttackType attType, MeleeHitOutcome outcome, bool defence)
void SetSkill (uint32 id, uint16 currVal, uint16 maxVal)
uint16 GetMaxSkillValue (uint32 skill) const
uint16 GetPureMaxSkillValue (uint32 skill) const
uint16 GetSkillValue (uint32 skill) const
uint16 GetBaseSkillValue (uint32 skill) const
uint16 GetPureSkillValue (uint32 skill) const
int16 GetSkillTempBonusValue (uint32 skill) const
bool HasSkill (uint32 skill) const
void LearnSkillRewardedSpells (uint32 id)
void LearnSkillRewardedSpells ()
WorldLocationGetTeleportDest ()
bool IsBeingTeleported () const
bool IsBeingTeleportedNear () const
bool IsBeingTeleportedFar () const
void SetSemaphoreTeleportNear (bool semphsetting)
void SetSemaphoreTeleportFar (bool semphsetting)
void ProcessDelayedOperations ()
void CheckAreaExploreAndOutdoor (void)
uint32 GetTeam () const
TeamId GetTeamId () const
void setFactionForRace (uint8 race)
bool IsAtGroupRewardDistance (WorldObject const *pRewardSource) const
void RewardPlayerAndGroupAtKill (Unit *victim)
void RewardPlayerAndGroupAtEvent (uint32 creature_id, WorldObject *pRewardSource)
bool isHonorOrXPTarget (Unit *victim) const
ReputationMgrGetReputationMgr ()
ReputationMgr const & GetReputationMgr () const
ReputationRank GetReputationRank (uint32 faction_id) const
void RewardReputation (Unit *victim, float rate)
void RewardReputation (Quest const *pQuest)
int32 CalculateReputationGain (uint32 creatureOrQuestLevel, int32 rep, bool for_quest)
void UpdateSkillsForLevel ()
void UpdateSkillsToMaxSkillsForLevel ()
void ModifySkillBonus (uint32 skillid, int32 val, bool talent)
void UpdateHonorFields ()
bool RewardHonor (Unit *victim, uint32 groupsize, float honor=-1, bool pvptoken=false)
uint32 GetHonorPoints ()
uint32 GetArenaPoints ()
void ModifyHonorPoints (int32 value)
void ModifyArenaPoints (int32 value, bool update=true)
uint8 GetHighestPvPRankIndex ()
uint32 GetMaxPersonalArenaRatingRequirement ()
void SetDrunkValue (uint16 newDrunkValue, uint32 itemid=0)
uint16 GetDrunkValue () const
uint32 GetDeathTimer () const
uint32 GetCorpseReclaimDelay (bool pvp) const
void UpdateCorpseReclaimDelay ()
int32 CalculateCorpseReclaimDelay (bool load=false)
void SendCorpseReclaimDelay (uint32 delay)
uint32 GetShieldBlockValue () const override
bool CanParry () const
void SetCanParry (bool value)
bool CanBlock () const
void SetCanBlock (bool value)
void SetRegularAttackTime ()
void SetBaseModValue (BaseModGroup modGroup, BaseModType modType, float value)
void HandleBaseModValue (BaseModGroup modGroup, BaseModType modType, float amount, bool apply)
float GetBaseModValue (BaseModGroup modGroup, BaseModType modType) const
float GetTotalBaseModValue (BaseModGroup modGroup) const
float GetTotalPercentageModValue (BaseModGroup modGroup) const
void _ApplyAllStatBonuses ()
void _RemoveAllStatBonuses ()
void ResetAllPowers ()
void _ApplyWeaponDependentAuraMods (Item *item, WeaponAttackType attackType, bool apply)
void _ApplyWeaponDependentAuraCritMod (Item *item, WeaponAttackType attackType, Aura *aura, bool apply)
void _ApplyWeaponDependentAuraDamageMod (Item *item, WeaponAttackType attackType, Aura *aura, bool apply)
void _ApplyItemMods (Item *item, uint8 slot, bool apply)
void _RemoveAllItemMods ()
void _ApplyAllItemMods ()
void _ApplyItemBonuses (ItemTemplate const *proto, uint8 slot, bool apply)
void _ApplyAmmoBonuses ()
bool EnchantmentFitsRequirements (uint32 enchantmentcondition, int8 slot)
void ToggleMetaGemsActive (uint8 exceptslot, bool apply)
void CorrectMetaGemEnchants (uint8 slot, bool apply)
void InitDataForForm (bool reapplyMods=false)
void ApplyItemEquipSpell (Item *item, bool apply, bool form_change=false)
void ApplyEquipSpell (SpellEntry const *spellInfo, Item *item, bool apply, bool form_change=false)
void UpdateEquipSpellsAtFormChange ()
void CastItemCombatSpell (Unit *target, WeaponAttackType attType, uint32 procVictim, uint32 procEx, SpellEntry const *spellInfo=NULL)
void CastItemCombatSpell (Unit *target, WeaponAttackType attType, uint32 procVictim, uint32 procEx, Item *item, ItemTemplate const *proto, SpellEntry const *spell=NULL)
void SendInitWorldStates (bool force=false, uint32 forceZoneId=0)
void SendUpdateWorldState (uint32 Field, uint32 Value)
void SendDirectMessage (WorldPacket *data)
void SendAuraDurationsForTarget (Unit *target)
void SendLoot (uint64 guid, LootType loot_type)
void SendLootError (uint64 guid, LootError error)
void SendLootRelease (uint64 guid)
void SendNotifyLootItemRemoved (uint8 lootSlot)
void SendNotifyLootMoneyRemoved ()
bool InBattleground () const
bool InArena () const
uint32 GetBattlegroundId () const
BattlegroundGetBattleground () const
uint32 GetBattlegroundQueueIdFromLevel () const
bool InBattlegroundQueue () const
uint32 GetBattlegroundQueueId (uint32 index) const
uint32 GetBattlegroundQueueIndex (uint32 bgQueueType) const
bool IsInvitedForBattlegroundQueueType (uint32 bgQueueType) const
bool InBattlegroundQueueForBattlegroundQueueType (uint32 bgQueueType) const
void SetBattlegroundId (uint32 val)
uint32 AddBattlegroundQueueId (uint32 val)
bool HasFreeBattlegroundQueueId ()
void RemoveBattlegroundQueueId (uint32 val)
void SetInviteForBattlegroundQueueType (uint32 bgQueueType, uint32 instanceId)
bool IsInvitedForBattlegroundInstance (uint32 instanceId) const
WorldLocation const & GetBattlegroundEntryPoint () const
void SetBattlegroundEntryPoint ()
void SetBattlegroundEntryPoint (uint32 Map, float PosX, float PosY, float PosZ, float PosO)
void SetBGTeam (uint32 team)
uint32 GetBGTeam () const
void LeaveBattleground (bool teleportToEntryPoint=true)
bool CanJoinToBattleground () const
bool CanReportAfkDueToLimit ()
void ReportedAfkBy (Player *reporter)
void ClearAfkReports ()
bool GetBGAccessByLevel (uint32 bgTypeId) const
bool isTotalImmunity ()
bool CanUseBattlegroundObject (GameObject *gameobject)
bool CanCaptureTowerPoint ()
OutdoorPvPGetOutdoorPvP () const
bool IsOutdoorPvPActive ()
void EnvironmentalDamage (EnviromentalDamage type, uint32 damage)
void UpdateSpeakTime ()
bool CanSpeak () const
void ChangeSpeakTime (int utime)
void SetFallInformation (uint32 time, float z)
void BuildTeleportAckMsg (WorldPacket *data, float x, float y, float z, float ang) const
bool isMovingOrTurning () const
bool CanFly () const
void HandleFallDamage (MovementInfo &movementInfo)
void HandleFallUnderMap ()
void SetClientControl (Unit *target, bool allowMove)
void SetMover (Unit *target)
void SetSeer (WorldObject *target)
void SetViewpoint (WorldObject *target, bool apply)
WorldObjectGetViewpoint () const
void StopCastingCharm ()
void StopCastingBindSight ()
TransportGetTransport () const
void SetTransport (Transport *t)
float GetTransOffsetX () const
float GetTransOffsetY () const
float GetTransOffsetZ () const
float GetTransOffsetO () const
uint32 GetTransTime () const
uint32 GetSaveTimer () const
void SetSaveTimer (uint32 timer)
void SaveRecallPosition ()
void SetHomebindToLocation (WorldLocation const &loc, uint32 area_id)
void RelocateToHomebind (uint32 &newMap)
bool TeleportToHomebind (uint32 options=0)
WorldLocation GetStartPosition () const
bool HaveAtClient (WorldObject const *u) const
bool IsNeverVisible () const override
bool IsVisibleGloballyFor (Player *pl) const
void UpdateObjectVisibility (bool forced=true) override
void UpdateVisibilityForPlayer ()
void UpdateVisibilityOf (WorldObject *target)
void UpdateTriggerVisibility ()
template<class T >
void UpdateVisibilityOf (T *target, UpdateData &data, std::set< Unit * > &visibleNow)
bool HasAtLoginFlag (AtLoginFlags f) const
void SetAtLoginFlag (AtLoginFlags f)
uint32 GetTemporaryUnsummonedPetNumber () const
void SetTemporaryUnsummonedPetNumber (uint32 petnumber)
uint32 GetOldPetSpell () const
void SetOldPetSpell (uint32 petspell)
void UnsummonPetTemporaryIfAny ()
void ResummonTemporaryUnsummonedPetIfAny ()
PetStatus GetPetStatus () const
void SetPetStatus (PetStatus status)
bool isPetDeadAndRemoved () const
bool isPetDismissed () const
bool doesOwnPet () const
void SendCinematicStart (uint32 CinematicSequenceId)
void UpdateHomebindTime (uint32 time)
InstancePlayerBindGetBoundInstance (uint32 mapid, uint8 difficulty)
BoundInstancesMapGetBoundInstances (uint8 difficulty)
InstanceSaveGetInstanceSave (uint32 mapid)
void UnbindInstance (uint32 mapid, uint8 difficulty, bool unload=false)
void UnbindInstance (BoundInstancesMap::iterator &itr, uint8 difficulty, bool unload=false)
InstancePlayerBindBindToInstance (InstanceSave *save, bool permanent, bool load=false)
void SendRaidInfo ()
void SendSavedInstances ()
bool CheckInstanceValidity (bool)
bool Satisfy (AccessRequirement const *, uint32 target_map, bool report=false)
uint32 GetLastPetNumber () const
void SetLastPetNumber (uint32 petnumber)
GroupGetGroupInvite ()
void SetGroupInvite (Group *group)
GroupGetGroup ()
const GroupGetGroup () const
GroupReferenceGetGroupRef ()
void SetGroup (Group *group, int8 subgroup=-1)
uint8 GetSubGroup () const
uint32 GetGroupUpdateFlag ()
void SetGroupUpdateFlag (uint32 flag)
uint64 GetAuraUpdateMask ()
void SetAuraUpdateMask (uint8 slot)
void UnsetAuraUpdateMask (uint8 slot)
PlayerGetNextRandomRaidMember (float radius)
PartyResult CanUninviteFromGroup () const
void SetBattlegroundRaid (Group *group, int8 subgroup=-1)
void RemoveFromBattlegroundRaid ()
GroupGetOriginalGroup ()
GroupReferenceGetOriginalGroupRef ()
uint8 GetOriginalSubGroup () const
void SetOriginalGroup (Group *group, int8 subgroup=-1)
void SetPassOnGroupLoot (bool bPassOnGroupLoot)
bool GetPassOnGroupLoot () const
MapReferenceGetMapRef ()
void SetMap (Map *map) override
void ResetMap () override
bool isAllowedToLoot (const Creature *creature)
DeclinedName const * GetDeclinedNames () const
bool HasTitle (uint32 bitIndex)
bool HasTitle (CharTitlesEntry const *title)
void SetTitle (CharTitlesEntry const *title, bool lost=false)
bool IsLoading () const
RAFLinkStatus GetRAFStatus () const
void SetRAFStatus (RAFLinkStatus status)
bool SetFeatherFall (bool apply, bool packetOnly=false) override
bool SetHover (bool apply, bool packetOnly=false) override
bool SetCanFly (bool apply, bool packetOnly=false) override
bool SetLevitate (bool apply, bool packetOnly=false) override
bool SetWaterWalking (bool enable, bool packetOnly=false) override
void ScheduleDelayedOperation (uint32 operation)
- Public Member Functions inherited from Unit
 ~Unit () override
void AddToWorld () override
void RemoveFromWorld () override
void CleanupsBeforeDelete () override
DiminishingLevels GetDiminishing (DiminishingGroup group)
void IncrDiminishing (DiminishingGroup group)
void ApplyDiminishingToDuration (DiminishingGroup group, int32 &duration, Unit *caster, DiminishingLevels Level)
void ApplyDiminishingAura (DiminishingGroup group, bool apply)
void ClearDiminishings ()
uint32 GetSpellRadiusForTarget (Unit *target, const SpellRadiusEntry *radiusEntry)
void Update (uint32 time) override
void setAttackTimer (WeaponAttackType type, uint32 time)
void resetAttackTimer (WeaponAttackType type=BASE_ATTACK)
uint32 getAttackTimer (WeaponAttackType type) const
bool isAttackReady (WeaponAttackType type=BASE_ATTACK) const
bool haveOffhandWeapon () const
bool UpdateMeleeAttackingState ()
bool CanUseEquippedWeapon (WeaponAttackType attackType) const
bool CanDualWield () const
virtual void SetCanDualWield (bool value)
float GetCombatReach () const
float GetMeleeReach () const
bool IsWithinCombatRange (const Unit *obj, float dist2compare) const
bool IsWithinMeleeRange (Unit *obj, float dist=MELEE_RANGE) const
void GetRandomContactPoint (const Unit *target, float &x, float &y, float &z, float distance2dMin, float distance2dMax) const
void _addAttacker (Unit *pAttacker)
void _removeAttacker (Unit *pAttacker)
UnitgetAttackerForHelper () const
bool Attack (Unit *victim, bool meleeAttack)
void CastStop (uint32 except_spellid=0)
bool AttackStop ()
void RemoveAllAttackers ()
AttackerSet const & getAttackers () const
bool isAttackingPlayer () const
UnitGetVictim () const
void CombatStop (bool cast=false)
void CombatStopWithPets (bool cast=false)
UnitSelectNearbyTarget (Unit *exclude=NULL, float dist=NOMINAL_MELEE_RANGE) const
PlayerSelectNearestPlayer (float distance=0) const
void SendMeleeAttackStop (Unit *victim=NULL)
void SendMeleeAttackStart (Unit *victim)
void SetCritterGUID (uint64 guid)
uint64 GetCritterGUID () const
void AddUnitState (uint32 f)
bool HasUnitState (const uint32 f) const
void ClearUnitState (uint32 f)
bool CanFreeMove () const
uint32 HasUnitTypeMask (uint32 mask) const
void AddUnitTypeMask (uint32 mask)
bool IsSummon () const
bool IsGuardian () const
bool IsPet () const
bool IsHunterPet () const
bool IsTotem () const
bool IsDuringRemoveFromWorld () const
PetToPet ()
Pet const * ToPet () const
uint8 getLevel () const
uint8 getLevelForTarget (WorldObject const *) const override
void SetLevel (uint32 lvl)
uint8 getRace () const
uint32 getRaceMask () const
uint8 getClass () const
uint32 getClassMask () const
uint8 getGender () const
float GetStat (Stats stat) const
void SetStat (Stats stat, int32 val)
uint32 GetArmor () const
void SetArmor (int32 val)
uint32 GetResistance (SpellSchools school) const
void SetResistance (SpellSchools school, int32 val)
uint32 GetHealth () const
uint32 GetMaxHealth () const
bool ShouldRevealHealthTo (Player *player) const
void SendHealthUpdateDueToCharm (Player *charmer)
bool IsFullHealth () const
bool HealthBelowPct (int32 pct) const
bool HealthBelowPctDamaged (int32 pct, uint32 damage) const
bool HealthAbovePct (int32 pct) const
bool HealthAbovePctHealed (int32 pct, uint32 heal) const
float GetHealthPct () const
uint32 CountPctFromMaxHealth (int32 pct) const
uint32 CountPctFromCurHealth (int32 pct) const
void SetHealth (uint32 val)
void SetMaxHealth (uint32 val)
void SetFullHealth ()
int32 ModifyHealth (int32 val)
Powers getPowerType () const
void setPowerType (Powers power)
uint32 GetPower (Powers power) const
uint32 GetMaxPower (Powers power) const
void SetPower (Powers power, uint32 val)
void SetMaxPower (Powers power, uint32 val)
int32 ModifyPower (Powers power, int32 val)
void ApplyPowerMod (Powers power, uint32 val, bool apply)
void ApplyMaxPowerMod (Powers power, uint32 val, bool apply)
uint32 GetAttackTime (WeaponAttackType att) const
void SetAttackTime (WeaponAttackType att, uint32 val)
void ApplyAttackTimePercentMod (WeaponAttackType att, float val, bool apply)
void ApplyCastTimePercentMod (float val, bool apply)
SheathState GetSheath () const
uint32 GetFaction () const
void SetFaction (uint32 faction)
FactionTemplateEntry const * GetFactionTemplateEntry () const
ReputationRank GetReactionTo (Unit const *target) const
bool IsHostileTo (Unit const *unit) const
bool IsHostileToPlayers () const
bool IsFriendlyTo (Unit const *unit) const
bool IsNeutralToAll () const
bool IsInPartyWith (Unit const *unit) const
bool IsInRaidWith (Unit const *unit) const
void GetPartyMember (std::list< Unit * > &units, float dist)
void GetRaidMember (std::list< Unit * > &units, float dist)
bool IsContestedGuard () const
bool IsInSanctuary () const
bool IsPvP () const
void SetPvP (bool state)
uint32 GetCreatureType () const
uint32 GetCreatureTypeMask () const
uint8 GetStandState () const
bool IsSitState () const
bool IsStandState () const
void SetStandState (uint8 state)
void SetStandFlags (uint8 flags)
void RemoveStandFlags (uint8 flags)
bool IsMounted () const
uint32 GetMountID () const
void Mount (uint32 mount, uint32 spellId=0)
void Dismount ()
bool HasShapeshiftChangingModel () const
uint32 GetMaxSkillValueForLevel (Unit const *target=nullptr) const
void RemoveSpellbyDamageTaken (uint32 damage, uint32 spell)
uint32 DealDamage (Unit *victim, uint32 damage, CleanDamage const *cleanDamage=NULL, DamageEffectType damagetype=DIRECT_DAMAGE, SpellSchoolMask damageSchoolMask=SPELL_SCHOOL_MASK_NORMAL, SpellEntry const *spellProto=NULL, bool durabilityLoss=true)
void Kill (Unit *victim, bool durabilityLoss=true)
void ProcDamageAndSpell (Unit *victim, uint32 procAttacker, uint32 procVictim, uint32 procEx, uint32 amount, WeaponAttackType attType=BASE_ATTACK, SpellEntry const *procSpell=NULL, bool canTrigger=true)
void ProcDamageAndSpellFor (bool isVictim, Unit *pTarget, uint32 procFlag, uint32 procExtra, WeaponAttackType attType, SpellEntry const *procSpell, uint32 damage)
void HandleEmoteCommand (uint32 anim_id)
void AttackerStateUpdate (Unit *victim, WeaponAttackType attType=BASE_ATTACK, bool extra=false)
float MeleeMissChanceCalc (const Unit *victim, WeaponAttackType attType) const
void CalculateMeleeDamage (Unit *victim, uint32 damage, CalcDamageInfo *damageInfo, WeaponAttackType attackType=BASE_ATTACK)
void DealMeleeDamage (CalcDamageInfo *damageInfo, bool durabilityLoss)
void CalculateSpellDamageTaken (SpellNonMeleeDamage *damageInfo, int32 damage, SpellEntry const *spellInfo, WeaponAttackType attackType=BASE_ATTACK, bool crit=false)
void DealSpellDamage (SpellNonMeleeDamage *damageInfo, bool durabilityLoss)
float MeleeSpellMissChance (const Unit *victim, WeaponAttackType attType, int32 skillDiff, uint32 spellId) const
SpellMissInfo MeleeSpellHitResult (Unit *victim, SpellEntry const *spell, bool cMiss=true)
SpellMissInfo MagicSpellHitResult (Unit *victim, SpellEntry const *spell)
SpellMissInfo SpellHitResult (Unit *victim, SpellEntry const *spell, bool canReflect=false, bool canMiss=true)
float GetUnitDodgeChance () const
float GetUnitParryChance () const
float GetUnitBlockChance () const
float GetUnitCriticalChance (WeaponAttackType attackType, const Unit *victim) const
int32 GetMechanicResistChance (const SpellEntry *spell)
bool CanUseAttackType (uint8 attacktype) const
uint32 GetUnitMeleeSkill (Unit const *target=NULL) const
uint32 GetDefenseSkillValue (Unit const *target=NULL) const
uint32 GetWeaponSkillValue (WeaponAttackType attType, Unit const *target=NULL) const
float GetWeaponProcChance () const
float GetPPMProcChance (uint32 WeaponSpeed, float PPM) const
MeleeHitOutcome RollMeleeOutcomeAgainst (const Unit *victim, WeaponAttackType attType) const
MeleeHitOutcome RollMeleeOutcomeAgainst (const Unit *victim, WeaponAttackType attType, int32 crit_chance, int32 miss_chance, int32 dodge_chance, int32 parry_chance, int32 block_chance, bool SpellCasted) const
bool IsVendor () const
bool IsTrainer () const
bool IsQuestGiver () const
bool IsGossip () const
bool IsTaxi () const
bool IsGuildMaster () const
bool IsBattleMaster () const
bool IsBanker () const
bool IsInnkeeper () const
bool IsSpiritHealer () const
bool IsSpiritGuide () const
bool IsTabardDesigner () const
bool IsAuctioner () const
bool IsArmorer () const
bool isServiceProvider () const
bool IsSpiritService () const
bool IsCritter () const
bool IsPlayer () const
bool IsInFlight () const
bool IsInitiatingCombat () const
bool IsInCombat () const
bool IsPetInCombat () const
bool IsInCombatWith (Unit const *who) const
void CombatStart (Unit *target, bool initialAggro=true)
void SetInCombatState (bool PvP, Unit *enemy=NULL)
void SetInitiatingCombat (bool flag)
void SetInCombatWith (Unit *enemy)
void ClearInCombat ()
void ClearInPetCombat ()
uint32 IsInPvPCombat () const
uint32 GetAuraCount (uint32 spellId) const
bool HasAuraType (AuraType auraType) const
bool HasAuraTypeWithCaster (AuraType auratype, uint64 caster) const
bool HasAuraTypeWithMiscvalue (AuraType auratype, int32 miscvalue) const
bool HasAuraTypeWithFamilyFlags (AuraType auraType, uint32 familyName, uint64 familyFlags) const
bool HasNegativeAuraWithInterruptFlag (uint32 flag)
bool HasAura (uint32 spellId, uint8 effIndex=0) const
bool HasHigherRankOfAura (uint32 spellid, uint8 effIndex) const
bool HasBreakableByDamageAuraType (AuraType type, uint32 excludeAura=0) const
bool HasBreakableByDamageCrowdControlAura (Unit *excludeCasterChannel=NULL) const
bool HasStealthAura () const
bool HasInvisibilityAura () const
bool IsFeared () const
bool IsInRoots () const
bool IsPolymorphed () const
bool isFrozen () const
bool isTargetableForAttack (bool checkFakeDeath=true) const
bool IsValidAttackTarget (Unit const *target) const
bool _IsValidAttackTarget (Unit const *target, SpellEntry const *bySpell, WorldObject const *obj=NULL) const
bool isAttackableByAOE (float x=0, float y=0, float z=0, bool LosCheck=false) const
bool IsValidAssistTarget (Unit const *target) const
bool _IsValidAssistTarget (Unit const *target, SpellEntry const *bySpell) const
bool isInAccessiblePlaceFor (Creature const *c) const
void SendHealSpellLog (Unit *victim, uint32 SpellID, uint32 Damage, bool critical=false)
void SendEnergizeSpellLog (Unit *victim, uint32 SpellID, uint32 Damage, Powers powertype)
void EnergizeBySpell (Unit *victim, uint32 SpellID, uint32 Damage, Powers powertype)
uint32 SpellNonMeleeDamageLog (Unit *victim, uint32 spellID, uint32 damage, bool isTriggeredSpell=false, bool useSpellDamage=true)
void CastSpell (Unit *Victim, uint32 spellId, bool triggered, Item *castItem=NULL, Aura *triggeredByAura=NULL, uint64 originalCaster=0)
void CastSpell (Unit *Victim, SpellEntry const *spellInfo, bool triggered, Item *castItem=NULL, Aura *triggeredByAura=NULL, uint64 originalCaster=0)
void CastCustomSpell (Unit *Victim, uint32 spellId, int32 const *bp0, int32 const *bp1, int32 const *bp2, bool triggered, Item *castItem=NULL, Aura *triggeredByAura=NULL, uint64 originalCaster=0)
void CastCustomSpell (uint32 spellId, SpellValueMod mod, uint32 value, Unit *Victim=NULL, bool triggered=true, Item *castItem=NULL, Aura *triggeredByAura=NULL, uint64 originalCaster=0)
void CastCustomSpell (uint32 spellId, CustomSpellValues const &value, Unit *Victim=NULL, bool triggered=true, Item *castItem=NULL, Aura *triggeredByAura=NULL, uint64 originalCaster=0)
void CastSpell (float x, float y, float z, uint32 spellId, bool triggered, Item *castItem=NULL, Aura *triggeredByAura=NULL, uint64 originalCaster=0)
void CastSpell (GameObject *go, uint32 spellId, bool triggered, Item *castItem=NULL, Aura *triggeredByAura=NULL, uint64 originalCaster=0)
void AddAura (uint32 spellId, Unit *target)
void DeMorph ()
void SendAttackStateUpdate (CalcDamageInfo *damageInfo)
void SendAttackStateUpdate (uint32 HitInfo, Unit *target, uint8 SwingType, SpellSchoolMask damageSchoolMask, uint32 Damage, uint32 AbsorbDamage, uint32 Resist, VictimState TargetState, uint32 BlockedAmount)
void SendSpellNonMeleeDamageLog (SpellNonMeleeDamage *log)
void SendSpellNonMeleeDamageLog (Unit *target, uint32 SpellID, uint32 Damage, SpellSchoolMask damageSchoolMask, uint32 AbsorbedDamage, uint32 Resist, bool PhysicalDamage, uint32 Blocked, bool CriticalHit=false)
void SendSpellMiss (Unit *target, uint32 spellID, SpellMissInfo missInfo)
void SendSpellDamageImmune (Unit *target, uint32 spellId)
bool SetPosition (const Position &pos, bool teleport=false)
void NearTeleportTo (float x, float y, float z, float orientation, bool casting=false)
void SendTeleportPacket (Position &pos)
void SendMovementFlagUpdate (bool self=false)
void BuildHeartBeatMsg (WorldPacket *data) const
void BuildMovementPacket (ByteBuffer *data) const
bool isMoving () const
bool IsAlive () const
bool isDying () const
bool isDead () const
DeathState getDeathState () const
uint64 GetOwnerGUID () const
uint64 GetCreatorGUID () const
void SetCreatorGUID (uint64 creator)
uint64 GetMinionGUID () const
void SetMinionGUID (uint64 guid)
uint64 GetCharmerGUID () const
void SetCharmerGUID (uint64 owner)
uint64 GetCharmGUID () const
void SetPetGUID (uint64 guid)
uint64 GetPetGUID () const
bool IsControlledByPlayer () const
uint64 GetCharmerOrOwnerGUID () const
uint64 GetCharmerOrOwnerOrOwnGUID () const
bool IsCharmedOwnedByPlayerOrPlayer () const
PlayerGetAffectingPlayer () const
PlayerGetSpellModOwner () const
UnitGetOwner () const
GuardianGetGuardianPet () const
MinionGetFirstMinion () const
UnitGetCharmer () const
UnitGetCharm () const
UnitGetCharmerOrOwner () const
UnitGetCharmerOrOwnerOrSelf () const
PlayerGetCharmerOrOwnerPlayerOrPlayerItself () const
void SetMinion (Minion *minion, bool apply)
void RemoveAllMinionsByEntry (uint32 entry)
void SetCharm (Unit *target, bool apply)
void SetCharmedBy (Unit *charmer, CharmType type)
void RemoveCharmedBy (Unit *charmer)
void RestoreFaction ()
UnitGetFirstControlled () const
void RemoveAllControlled ()
bool isCharmed () const
bool isPossessed () const
bool isPossessedByPlayer () const
bool isPossessing () const
bool isPossessing (Unit *u) const
CharmInfoGetCharmInfo ()
CharmInfoInitCharmInfo ()
void DeleteCharmInfo ()
void UpdateCharmAI ()
SharedVisionList const & GetSharedVisionList ()
void AddPlayerToVision (Player *plr)
void RemovePlayerFromVision (Player *plr)
bool HasSharedVision () const
void RemoveBindSightAuras ()
void RemoveCharmAuras ()
PetCreateTamedPetFrom (Creature *creatureTarget, uint32 spell_id=0)
bool AddAura (Aura *aur)
void RemoveAura (AuraMap::iterator &i, AuraRemoveMode mode=AURA_REMOVE_BY_DEFAULT)
void RemoveAura (uint32 spellId, uint32 effindex, Aura *except=NULL)
void RemoveSingleAuraFromStackByDispel (uint32 spellId)
void RemoveSingleAuraFromStack (uint32 spellId, uint32 effindex)
void RemoveAurasDueToSpell (uint32 spellId, Aura *except=NULL)
void RemoveAurasDueToItemSpell (Item *castItem, uint32 spellId)
void RemoveAurasByCasterSpell (uint32 spellId, uint64 casterGUID)
void SetAurasDurationByCasterSpell (uint32 spellId, uint64 casterGUID, int32 duration)
AuraGetAuraByCasterSpell (uint32 spellId, uint64 casterGUID)
void RemoveAurasDueToSpellByDispel (uint32 spellId, uint64 casterGUID, Unit *dispeler)
void RemoveAurasDueToSpellBySteal (uint32 spellId, uint64 casterGUID, Unit *stealer)
void RemoveAurasByType (AuraType auraType, uint64 casterGUID=0, Aura *except=NULL, bool negative=true, bool positive=true)
void RemoveAurasDueToSpellByCancel (uint32 spellId)
void RemoveAurasAtChanneledTarget (SpellEntry const *spellInfo, Unit *caster)
void RemoveNotOwnSingleTargetAuras ()
void RemoveSpellsCausingAura (AuraType auraType)
void RemoveAuraTypeByCaster (AuraType auraType, uint64 casterGUID)
void RemoveRankAurasDueToSpell (uint32 spellId)
bool RemoveNoStackAurasDueToAura (Aura *Aur)
void RemoveAurasWithInterruptFlags (uint32 flags, uint32 except=0)
void RemoveAurasWithAttribute (uint32 flags)
void RemoveAurasWithDispelType (DispelType type)
void RemoveMovementImpairingAuras ()
void RemoveAllAuras ()
void RemoveArenaAuras ()
void RemoveAllAurasOnDeath ()
void DelayAura (uint32 spellId, uint32 effindex, int32 delaytime)
float GetResistanceBuffMods (SpellSchools school, bool positive) const
void SetResistanceBuffMods (SpellSchools school, bool positive, float val)
void ApplyResistanceBuffModsMod (SpellSchools school, bool positive, float val, bool apply)
void ApplyResistanceBuffModsPercentMod (SpellSchools school, bool positive, float val, bool apply)
void InitStatBuffMods ()
void ApplyStatBuffMod (Stats stat, float val, bool apply)
void ApplyStatPercentBuffMod (Stats stat, float val, bool apply)
void SetCreateStat (Stats stat, float val)
void SetCreateHealth (uint32 val)
uint32 GetCreateHealth () const
void SetCreateMana (uint32 val)
uint32 GetCreateMana () const
uint32 GetCreatePowers (Powers power) const
float GetPosStat (Stats stat) const
float GetNegStat (Stats stat) const
float GetCreateStat (Stats stat) const
void SetCurrentCastedSpell (Spell *pSpell)
void InterruptSpell (CurrentSpellTypes spellType, bool withDelayed=true, bool withInstant=true)
void FinishSpell (CurrentSpellTypes spellType, bool ok=true)
bool IsNonMeleeSpellCast (bool withDelayed, bool skipChanneled=false, bool skipAutorepeat=false) const
void InterruptNonMeleeSpells (bool withDelayed, uint32 spellid=0, bool withInstant=true)
uint64 GetTarget () const
void SetTarget (uint64 guid=0)
SpellGetCurrentSpell (CurrentSpellTypes spellType) const
SpellGetCurrentSpell (uint32 spellType) const
SpellFindCurrentSpellBySpellId (uint32 spell_id) const
int32 GetCurrentSpellCastTime (uint32 spell_id) const
bool CanMoveDuringChannel () const
bool IsInFeralForm () const
bool IsInTravelForm () const
bool IsInFlightForm () const
bool HandleStatModifier (UnitMods unitMod, UnitModifierType modifierType, float amount, bool apply)
void SetModifierValue (UnitMods unitMod, UnitModifierType modifierType, float value)
float GetModifierValue (UnitMods unitMod, UnitModifierType modifierType) const
float GetTotalStatValue (Stats stat) const
float GetTotalAuraModValue (UnitMods unitMod) const
SpellSchools GetSpellSchoolByAuraGroup (UnitMods unitMod) const
Stats GetStatByAuraGroup (UnitMods unitMod) const
Powers GetPowerTypeByAuraGroup (UnitMods unitMod) const
bool CanModifyStats () const
void SetCanModifyStats (bool modifyStats)
virtual void UpdateAllResistances ()
virtual void UpdateDamagePhysical (WeaponAttackType attType)
float GetTotalAttackPowerValue (WeaponAttackType attType) const
float GetWeaponDamageRange (WeaponAttackType attType, WeaponDamageRange type) const
void SetBaseWeaponDamage (WeaponAttackType attType, WeaponDamageRange damageRange, float value)
uint32 CalculateDamage (WeaponAttackType attType, bool normalized, bool addTotalPct)
float GetAPMultiplier (WeaponAttackType attType, bool normalized)
bool isInFrontInMap (Unit const *target, float distance, float arc=M_PI) const
void SetInFront (Unit const *target)
void SetInFront (float x, float y)
bool isInBackInMap (Unit const *target, float distance, float arc=M_PI) const
void SetFacingTo (float ori)
void SetFacingToObject (WorldObject *pObject)
bool IsVisible () const
void SetVisible (bool x)
bool isValid () const override
void SetPhaseMask (uint32 newPhaseMask, bool update) override
void UpdateObjectVisibility (bool forced=true) override
bool isInvisibleForAlive () const
 returns true if creature can't be seen by alive units More...
AuraListGetSingleCastAuras ()
AuraList const & GetSingleCastAuras () const
bool CanHaveThreatList () const
void AddThreat (Unit *victim, float threat, SpellSchoolMask schoolMask=SPELL_SCHOOL_MASK_NORMAL, SpellEntry const *threatSpell=NULL)
void AddAssistThreat (Unit *victim, float threatToAdd, SpellEntry const *threatSpell)
float ApplyTotalThreatModifier (float threat, SpellSchoolMask schoolMask=SPELL_SCHOOL_MASK_NORMAL)
void DeleteThreatList ()
void TauntApply (Unit *victim)
void TauntFadeOut (Unit *taunter)
ThreatManagergetThreatManager ()
void addHatedBy (HostileReference *pHostileReference)
void removeHatedBy (HostileReference *)
HostileRefManagergetHostileRefManager ()
AuraGetAura (uint32 spellId, uint32 effindex)
AuraMapGetAuras ()
AuraMap const & GetAuras () const
AuraList const & GetAurasByType (AuraType type) const
void ApplyAuraProcTriggerDamage (Aura *aura, bool apply)
int32 GetTotalAuraModifier (AuraType auratype) const
float GetTotalAuraMultiplier (AuraType auratype) const
int32 GetMaxPositiveAuraModifier (AuraType auratype) const
int32 GetMaxNegativeAuraModifier (AuraType auratype) const
int32 GetTotalAuraModifierByMiscMask (AuraType auratype, uint32 misc_mask) const
float GetTotalAuraMultiplierByMiscMask (AuraType auratype, uint32 misc_mask) const
int32 GetMaxPositiveAuraModifierByMiscMask (AuraType auratype, uint32 misc_mask) const
int32 GetMaxNegativeAuraModifierByMiscMask (AuraType auratype, uint32 misc_mask) const
int32 GetTotalAuraModifierByMiscValue (AuraType auratype, int32 misc_value) const
float GetTotalAuraMultiplierByMiscValue (AuraType auratype, int32 misc_value) const
int32 GetMaxPositiveAuraModifierByMiscValue (AuraType auratype, int32 misc_value) const
int32 GetMaxNegativeAuraModifierByMiscValue (AuraType auratype, int32 misc_value) const
AuraGetDummyAura (uint32 spell_id) const
uint32 GetInterruptMask () const
void AddInterruptMask (uint32 mask)
void UpdateInterruptMask ()
uint32 GetDisplayId ()
void SetDisplayId (uint32 modelId)
uint32 GetNativeDisplayId ()
void SetNativeDisplayId (uint32 modelId)
void setTransForm (uint32 spellid)
uint32 getTransForm () const
void UpdateModelData ()
void AddDynObject (DynamicObject *dynObj)
void RemoveDynObject (uint32 spellid)
void RemoveDynObjectWithGUID (uint64 guid)
void RemoveAllDynObjects ()
void AddGameObject (GameObject *gameObj)
void RemoveGameObject (GameObject *gameObj, bool del)
void RemoveGameObject (uint32 spellid, bool del)
void RemoveAllGameObjects ()
DynamicObjectGetDynObject (uint32 spellId, uint32 effIndex)
DynamicObjectGetDynObject (uint32 spellId)
void ModifyAuraState (AuraState flag, bool apply)
bool HasAuraState (AuraState flag) const
void UnsummonAllTotems ()
int32 SpellBaseDamageBonus (SpellSchoolMask schoolMask)
int32 SpellBaseHealingBonus (SpellSchoolMask schoolMask)
int32 SpellBaseDamageBonusForVictim (SpellSchoolMask schoolMask, Unit *victim)
int32 SpellBaseHealingBonusForVictim (SpellSchoolMask schoolMask, Unit *victim)
uint32 SpellDamageBonus (Unit *victim, SpellEntry const *spellProto, uint32 damage, DamageEffectType damagetype)
uint32 SpellHealingBonus (SpellEntry const *spellProto, uint32 healamount, DamageEffectType damagetype, Unit *victim)
bool isSpellBlocked (Unit *victim, SpellEntry const *spellProto, WeaponAttackType attackType=BASE_ATTACK)
bool isSpellCrit (Unit *victim, SpellEntry const *spellProto, SpellSchoolMask schoolMask, WeaponAttackType attackType=BASE_ATTACK)
uint32 SpellCriticalBonus (SpellEntry const *spellProto, uint32 damage, Unit *victim)
void SetLastManaUse (uint32 spellCastTime)
bool IsUnderLastManaUseEffect () const
void SetContestedPvP (Player *attackedPlayer=NULL)
void MeleeDamageBonus (Unit *victim, uint32 *damage, WeaponAttackType attType, SpellEntry const *spellProto=NULL)
uint32 GetCastingTimeForBonus (SpellEntry const *spellProto, DamageEffectType damagetype, uint32 CastingTime)
void ApplySpellImmune (uint32 spellId, uint32 op, uint32 type, bool apply)
void ApplySpellDispelImmunity (const SpellEntry *spellProto, DispelType type, bool apply)
virtual bool IsImmuneToSpell (SpellEntry const *spellInfo, bool useCharges=false)
bool IsImmunedToDamage (SpellSchoolMask meleeSchoolMask, bool useCharges=false)
bool IsImmunedToDamage (SpellEntry const *spellInfo) const
virtual bool IsImmuneToSpellEffect (SpellEntry const *spellInfo, uint32 index, bool castOnSelf) const
uint32 CalculateEffectiveMagicResistance (Unit *attacker, SpellSchoolMask schoolMask) const
float CalculateMagicResistanceMitigation (Unit *attacker, uint32 resistance, bool binary) const
uint32 CalcArmorReducedDamage (Unit *victim, const uint32 damage)
void CalcAbsorbResist (Unit *victim, SpellSchoolMask schoolMask, DamageEffectType damagetype, const uint32 damage, uint32 *absorb, uint32 *resist, SpellEntry const *spellInfo=NULL, bool binary=false)
void UpdateSpeed (UnitMoveType mtype, bool forced)
float GetSpeed (UnitMoveType mtype) const
float GetSpeedRate (UnitMoveType mtype) const
void SetSpeed (UnitMoveType mtype, float rate, bool forced=false)
bool isHover () const
void _RemoveAllAuraMods ()
void _ApplyAllAuraMods ()
int32 CalculateSpellDamage (SpellEntry const *spellProto, uint8 effect_index, int32 basePoints, Unit const *target)
int32 CalculateSpellDuration (SpellEntry const *spellProto, uint8 effect_index, Unit const *target)
float CalculateLevelPenalty (SpellEntry const *spellProto) const
void ModSpellCastTime (SpellEntry const *spellProto, int32 &castTime, Spell *spell)
void ModSpellDurationTime (SpellEntry const *spellProto, int32 &duration, Spell *spell)
void addFollower (FollowerReference *pRef)
void removeFollower (FollowerReference *)
MotionMasterGetMotionMaster ()
bool IsStopped () const
void StopMoving ()
void AddUnitMovementFlag (uint32 f)
void RemoveUnitMovementFlag (uint32 f)
bool HasUnitMovementFlag (uint32 f) const
uint32 GetUnitMovementFlags () const
void SetUnitMovementFlags (uint32 f)
void SetControlled (bool apply, UnitState state)
void SetFeared (bool apply)
void SetConfused (bool apply)
void SetStunned (bool apply)
void MonsterMoveWithSpeed (float x, float y, float z, float speed, bool generatePath=false, bool forceDestination=false)
void SendMonsterMoveWithSpeedToCurrentDestination (float speed)
void AddComboPointHolder (uint32 lowguid)
void RemoveComboPointHolder (uint32 lowguid)
void ClearComboPointHolders ()
void SendPetCastFail (uint32 spellid, SpellCastResult msg)
void SendPetActionFeedback (uint8 msg)
void SendPetTalk (uint32 pettalk)
void SendPetSpellCooldown (uint32 spellid, time_t cooltime)
void SendPetClearCooldown (uint32 spellid)
void SendPetAIReaction (uint64 guid)
void propagateSpeedChange ()
void ClearAllReactives ()
void StartReactiveTimer (ReactiveType reactive)
void UpdateReactives (uint32 p_time)
void UpdateAuraForGroup (uint8 slot)
void AddPetAura (PetAura const *petSpell)
void RemovePetAura (PetAura const *petSpell)
void SetReducedThreatPercent (uint32 pct, uint64 guid)
uint32 GetReducedThreatPercent ()
UnitGetMisdirectionTarget ()
virtual float GetFollowAngle () const
bool IsFlying () const
bool IsFalling () const
bool IsWalking () const
bool IsRooted () const
void SetRooted (bool apply)
virtual bool SetWalk (bool enable)
virtual bool SetSwim (bool enable)
bool IsLevitating () const
time_t GetLastDamagedTime () const
void SetLastDamagedTime (time_t val)
TempSummonToTempSummon ()
TempSummon const * ToTempSummon () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from WorldObject
 ~WorldObject () override
void _Create (uint32 guidlow, HighGuid guidhigh, uint32 phaseMask)
void GetNearPoint2D (float &x, float &y, float distance, float absAngle) const
void GetNearPoint (WorldObject const *searcher, float &x, float &y, float &z, float searcher_size, float distance2d, float absAngle) const
void GetClosePoint (float &x, float &y, float &z, float size, float distance2d=0, float angle=0) const
void MovePosition (Position &pos, float dist, float angle)
Position GetNearPosition (float dist, float angle)
void MovePositionToFirstCollision (Position &pos, float dist, float angle)
Position GetFirstCollisionPosition (float dist, float angle)
float GetPositionZTarget (Position &pos, float destx, float desty)
Position GetRandomNearPosition (float radius)
void GetContactPoint (const WorldObject *obj, float &x, float &y, float &z, float distance2d=CONTACT_DISTANCE) const
virtual float GetObjectBoundingRadius () const
float GetObjectSize () const
void UpdateGroundPositionZ (float x, float y, float &z) const
void UpdateAllowedPositionZ (float x, float y, float &z) const
void GetRandomPoint (const Position &srcPos, float distance, float &rand_x, float &rand_y, float &rand_z) const
void GetRandomPoint (const Position &srcPos, float distance, Position &pos) const
float GetDistanceSqr (float x, float y, float z) const
bool HasInArc (float arcangle, const Position *pos) const
bool HasInArc (const float arcangle, const float x, const float y) const
uint32 GetInstanceId () const
uint32 GetPhaseMask () const
bool InSamePhase (uint32 phasemask) const
bool InSamePhase (WorldObject const *obj) const
uint32 GetZoneId () const
uint32 GetAreaId () const
InstanceDataGetInstanceData ()
const char * GetName () const
void SetName (const std::string &newname)
virtual const char * GetNameForLocaleIdx (int32) const
float GetDistance (const WorldObject *obj) const
float GetDistance (const Position &pos) const
float GetDistance (float x, float y, float z) const
float GetDistance2d (const WorldObject *obj) const
float GetDistance2d (float x, float y) const
float GetDistanceZ (const WorldObject *obj) const
bool IsInMap (const WorldObject *obj) const
bool IsWithinDist3d (float x, float y, float z, float dist) const
bool IsWithinDist3d (const Position *pos, float dist) const
bool IsWithinDist2d (float x, float y, float dist) const
bool IsWithinDist2d (const Position *pos, float dist) const
bool _IsWithinDist (WorldObject const *obj, float dist2compare, bool is3D) const
bool IsWithinDist (WorldObject const *obj, float dist2compare, bool is3D=true) const
bool IsWithinDistInMap (WorldObject const *obj, float dist2compare, bool is3D=true) const
bool IsWithinLOS (float x, float y, float z) const
bool IsWithinLOSInMap (const WorldObject *obj) const
Position GetHitSpherePointFor (Position const &dest) const
void GetHitSpherePointFor (Position const &dest, float &x, float &y, float &z) const
bool GetDistanceOrder (WorldObject const *obj1, WorldObject const *obj2, bool is3D=true) const
bool IsInRange (WorldObject const *obj, float minRange, float maxRange, bool is3D=true) const
bool IsInRange2d (float x, float y, float minRange, float maxRange) const
bool IsInRange3d (float x, float y, float z, float minRange, float maxRange) const
void MonsterSay (const char *text, uint32 language, uint64 TargetGuid)
void MonsterYell (const char *text, uint32 language, uint64 TargetGuid)
void MonsterTextEmote (const char *text, uint64 TargetGuid, bool IsBossEmote=false)
void MonsterWhisper (const char *text, uint64 receiver, bool IsBossWhisper=false)
void MonsterSay (int32 textId, uint32 language, uint64 TargetGuid)
void MonsterYell (int32 textId, uint32 language, uint64 TargetGuid)
void MonsterTextEmote (int32 textId, uint64 TargetGuid, bool IsBossEmote=false)
void MonsterWhisper (int32 textId, uint64 receiver, bool IsBossWhisper=false)
void MonsterYellToZone (int32 textId, uint32 language, uint64 TargetGuid)
void BuildMonsterChat (WorldPacket *data, uint8 msgtype, char const *text, uint32 language, char const *name, uint64 TargetGuid) const
void PlayDistanceSound (uint32 sound_id, Player *target=NULL)
void PlayDirectSound (uint32 sound_id, Player *target=NULL)
void SendObjectDeSpawnAnim (uint64 guid)
void SendObjectCustomAnim (uint64 guid, uint32 anim=0)
virtual void SaveRespawnTime ()
void AddObjectToRemoveList ()
virtual bool IsInvisibleDueToDespawn () const
float GetGridActivationRange () const
float GetVisibilityRange () const
float GetSightRange (const WorldObject *target=NULL) const
bool CanSeeOrDetect (WorldObject const *obj, bool ignoreStealth=false, bool distanceCheck=false, bool checkAlert=false) const
void SendPlaySound (uint32 Sound, bool OnlySelf)
MapGetMap () const
MapFindMap () const
Map const * GetBaseMap () const
void SetZoneScript ()
TempSummonSummonCreature (uint32 id, const Position &pos, TempSummonType spwtype=TEMPSUMMON_MANUAL_DESPAWN, uint32 despwtime=0)
TempSummonSummonCreature (uint32 id, float x, float y, float z, float ang, TempSummonType spwtype=TEMPSUMMON_MANUAL_DESPAWN, uint32 despwtime=0)
GameObjectSummonGameObject (uint32 entry, float x, float y, float z, float ang, float rotation0, float rotation1, float rotation2, float rotation3, uint32 respawnTime)
CreatureSummonTrigger (float x, float y, float z, float ang, uint32 dur, CreatureAI *(*GetAI)(Creature *)=NULL)
void SummonCreatureGroup (uint8 group, std::list< TempSummon * > *list=NULL)
CreatureFindNearestCreature (uint32 entry, float range, bool alive=true)
GameObjectFindNearestGameObject (uint32 entry, float range)
GameObjectFindNearestGameObjectOfType (GameobjectTypes type, float range) const
void GetGameObjectListWithEntryInGrid (std::list< GameObject * > &gameobjectList, uint32 entry=GRID_SEARCH_ALL_ENTRIES, float maxSearchRange=250.0f) const
void GetCreatureListWithEntryInGrid (std::list< Creature * > &creatureList, uint32 entry=GRID_SEARCH_ALL_ENTRIES, float maxSearchRange=250.0f) const
void DestroyForNearbyPlayers ()
virtual void UpdateObjectVisibilityOnCreate ()
void BuildUpdate (UpdateDataMapType &) override
void AddToNotify (uint16 f)
bool isNeedNotify (uint16 f) const
uint16 GetNotifyFlags () const
bool NotifyExecuted (uint16 f) const
void SetNotified (uint16 f)
void ResetAllNotifies ()
bool isActiveObject () const
void setActive (bool isActiveObject)
bool IsVisibilityOverridden () const
void SetVisibilityDistanceOverride (VisibilityDistanceType type)
void SetWorldObject (bool apply)
bool IsPermanentWorldObject () const
bool IsWorldObject () const
template<class NOTIFIER >
void VisitNearbyWorldObject (const float &radius, NOTIFIER &notifier) const
template<class NOTIFIER >
void VisitNearbyObject (float const &radius, NOTIFIER &notifier) const
template<class NOTIFIER >
void VisitNearbyGridObject (float const &radius, NOTIFIER &notifier) const
- Public Member Functions inherited from Object
virtual ~Object ()
const bool & IsInWorld () const
uint64 GetGUID () const
uint32 GetGUIDLow () const
uint32 GetGUIDMid () const
uint32 GetGUIDHigh () const
PackedGuid const & GetPackGUID () const
ObjectGuid const & GetObjectGUID () const
std::string GetGuidStr () const
uint32 GetEntry () const
void SetEntry (uint32 entry)
float GetObjectScale () const
void SetObjectScale (float scale)
uint8 GetTypeId () const
bool isType (uint16 mask) const
void SendUpdateToPlayer (Player *player)
void BuildValuesUpdateBlockForPlayer (UpdateData *data, Player *target) const
void BuildOutOfRangeUpdateBlock (UpdateData *data) const
void BuildMovementUpdateBlock (UpdateData *data, uint32 flags=0) const
const int32GetInt32Value (uint16 index) const
const uint32GetUInt32Value (uint16 index) const
const uint64GetUInt64Value (uint16 index) const
const float & GetFloatValue (uint16 index) const
uint8 GetByteValue (uint16 index, uint8 offset) const
ObjectGuid const & GetGuidValue (uint16 index) const
uint16 GetUInt16Value (uint16 index, uint8 offset) const
void SetInt32Value (uint16 index, int32 value)
void SetUInt32Value (uint16 index, uint32 value)
void SetUInt64Value (uint16 index, const uint64 &value)
void SetFloatValue (uint16 index, float value)
void SetByteValue (uint16 index, uint8 offset, uint8 value)
void SetUInt16Value (uint16 index, uint8 offset, uint16 value)
void SetInt16Value (uint16 index, uint8 offset, int16 value)
void SetStatFloatValue (uint16 index, float value)
void SetStatInt32Value (uint16 index, int32 value)
bool AddUInt64Value (uint16 index, const uint64 &value)
bool RemoveUInt64Value (uint16 index, const uint64 &value)
void ApplyModUInt32Value (uint16 index, int32 val, bool apply)
void ApplyModInt32Value (uint16 index, int32 val, bool apply)
void ApplyModUInt64Value (uint16 index, int32 val, bool apply)
void ApplyModPositiveFloatValue (uint16 index, float val, bool apply)
void ApplyModSignedFloatValue (uint16 index, float val, bool apply)
void ApplyPercentModFloatValue (uint16 index, float val, bool apply)
void SetFlag (uint16 index, uint32 newFlag)
void RemoveFlag (uint16 index, uint32 oldFlag)
void ToggleFlag (uint16 index, uint32 flag)
bool HasFlag (uint16 index, uint32 flag) const
void SetByteFlag (uint16 index, uint8 offset, uint8 newFlag)
void RemoveByteFlag (uint16 index, uint8 offset, uint8 newFlag)
void ToggleFlag (uint16 index, uint8 offset, uint8 flag)
bool HasByteFlag (uint16 index, uint8 offset, uint8 flag) const
void ApplyModFlag (uint16 index, uint32 flag, bool apply)
void SetFlag64 (uint16 index, uint64 newFlag)
void RemoveFlag64 (uint16 index, uint64 oldFlag)
void ToggleFlag64 (uint16 index, uint64 flag)
bool HasFlag64 (uint16 index, uint64 flag) const
void ApplyModFlag64 (uint16 index, uint64 flag, bool apply)
void ClearUpdateMask (bool remove)
bool LoadValues (const char *data)
uint16 GetValuesCount () const
virtual bool hasQuest (uint32) const
virtual bool hasInvolvedQuest (uint32) const
void BuildFieldsUpdate (Player *, UpdateDataMapType &) const
void ForceValuesUpdateAtIndex (uint32)
PlayerToPlayer ()
Player const * ToPlayer () const
CreatureToCreature ()
Creature const * ToCreature () const
UnitToUnit ()
Unit const * ToUnit () const
GameObjectToGameObject ()
GameObject const * ToGameObject () const
CorpseToCorpse ()
Corpse const * ToCorpse () const
DynamicObjectToDynObject ()
DynamicObject const * ToDynObject () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from WorldLocation
 WorldLocation (uint32 _mapid=MAPID_INVALID, float _x=0, float _y=0, float _z=0, float _o=0)
 WorldLocation (const WorldLocation &loc)
void WorldRelocate (const WorldLocation &loc)
uint32 GetMapId () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from Position
 Position (float x=0, float y=0, float z=0, float o=0)
 Position (Position const &loc)
bool operator== (Position const &a)
bool operator!= (Position const &a)
void Relocate (float x, float y)
void Relocate (float x, float y, float z)
void Relocate (float x, float y, float z, float orientation)
void Relocate (Position const &pos)
void Relocate (Position const *pos)
void RelocateOffset (Position const &offset)
void SetOrientation (float orientation)
float GetPositionX () const
float GetPositionY () const
float GetPositionZ () const
float GetOrientation () const
void GetPosition (float &x, float &y) const
void GetPosition (float &x, float &y, float &z) const
void GetPosition (float &x, float &y, float &z, float &o) const
Position GetPosition () const
Position::PositionXYStreamer PositionXYStream ()
Position::PositionXYZStreamer PositionXYZStream ()
Position::PositionXYZOStreamer PositionXYZOStream ()
bool IsPositionValid () const
float GetExactDist2dSq (float x, float y) const
float GetExactDist2d (const float x, const float y) const
float GetExactDist2dSq (Position const *pos) const
float GetExactDist2d (Position const *pos) const
float GetExactDistSq (float x, float y, float z) const
float GetExactDist (float x, float y, float z) const
float GetExactDistSq (Position const *pos) const
float GetExactDist (Position const *pos) const
void GetPositionOffsetTo (Position const &endPos, Position &retOffset) const
Position GetPositionWithOffset (Position const &offset) const
float GetAngle (Position const *pos) const
float GetAngle (float x, float y) const
float GetRelativeAngle (Position const *pos) const
float GetRelativeAngle (float x, float y) const
void GetSinCos (float x, float y, float &vsin, float &vcos) const
bool IsInDist2d (float x, float y, float dist) const
bool IsInDist2d (Position const *pos, float dist) const
bool IsInDist (float x, float y, float z, float dist) const
bool IsInDist (Position const *pos, float dist) const
bool IsWithinBox (const Position &center, float xradius, float yradius, float zradius) const
bool HasInArc (float arcangle, Position const *pos, float border=2.0f) const
bool HasInLine (Position const *pos, float width) const
std::string ToString () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from GridObject< Player >
bool IsInGrid () const
void AddToGrid (GridRefManager< Player > &m)
void RemoveFromGrid ()

Static Public Member Functions

static void InitVisibleBits ()
static bool BuildEnumData (QueryResult_AutoPtr result, WorldPacket *data)
static uint32 GetAttackBySlot (uint8 slot)
static bool IsInventoryPos (uint16 pos)
static bool IsInventoryPos (uint8 bag, uint8 slot)
static bool IsEquipmentPos (uint16 pos)
static bool IsEquipmentPos (uint8 bag, uint8 slot)
static bool IsBagPos (uint16 pos)
static bool IsBankPos (uint16 pos)
static bool IsBankPos (uint8 bag, uint8 slot)
static bool LoadValuesArrayFromDB (Tokens &data, uint64 guid)
static uint32 GetUInt32ValueFromArray (Tokens const &data, uint16 index)
static float GetFloatValueFromArray (Tokens const &data, uint16 index)
static uint32 GetUInt32ValueFromDB (uint16 index, uint64 guid)
static uint32 GetZoneIdFromDB (uint64 guid)
static uint32 GetLevelFromDB (uint64 guid)
static bool LoadPositionFromDB (uint32 &mapid, float &x, float &y, float &z, float &o, bool &in_flight, uint64 guid)
static bool SaveValuesArrayInDB (Tokens const &data, uint64 guid)
static void SetUInt32ValueInArray (Tokens &data, uint16 index, uint32 value)
static void SetFloatValueInArray (Tokens &data, uint16 index, float value)
static void SetUInt32ValueInDB (uint16 index, uint32 value, uint64 guid)
static void SavePositionInDB (uint32 mapid, float x, float y, float z, float o, uint32 zone, uint64 guid)
static void DeleteFromDB (uint64 playerguid, uint32 accountId, bool updateRealmChars=true, bool deleteFinally=false)
static void DeleteOldCharacters ()
static void DeleteOldCharacters (uint32 keepDays)
static void RemoveFromGroup (Group *group, uint64 guid, RemoveMethod method=GROUP_REMOVEMETHOD_DEFAULT, uint64 kicker=0, const char *reason=NULL)
static uint32 GetGuildIdFromDB (uint64 guid)
static uint32 GetRankFromDB (uint64 guid)
static void RemovePetitionsAndSigns (uint64 guid, uint32 type)
static uint32 GetArenaTeamIdFromDB (uint64 guid, uint8 slot)
static uint32 TeamForRace (uint8 race)
static uint32 getFactionForRace (uint8 race)
static DrunkenState GetDrunkenstateByValue (uint16 value)
static uint32 GetMinLevelForBattlegroundQueueId (uint32 queue_id)
static uint32 GetMaxLevelForBattlegroundQueueId (uint32 queue_id)
static void ConvertInstancesToGroup (Player *player, Group *group=NULL, uint64 player_guid=0)
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from Unit
static ReputationRank GetFactionReactionTo (FactionTemplateEntry const *factionTemplateEntry, Unit const *target)
static bool IsDamageReducedByArmor (SpellSchoolMask damageSchoolMask, SpellEntry const *spellInfo=NULL, uint8 effIndex=MAX_SPELL_EFFECTS)
static UnitGetUnit (WorldObject &object, uint64 guid)
static PlayerGetPlayer (WorldObject &object, uint64 guid)
static CreatureGetCreature (WorldObject &object, uint64 guid)
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from WorldObject
static bool InSamePhase (WorldObject const *a, WorldObject const *b)
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from Position
static float NormalizeOrientation (float o)

Public Attributes

std::string autoReplyMsg
PlayerTaxi m_taxi
time_t m_logintime
time_t m_Last_tick
uint32 m_Played_time [MAX_PLAYED_TIME_INDEX]
uint32 m_stableSlots
bool m_mailsLoaded
bool m_mailsUpdated
uint8 unReadMails
time_t m_nextMailDelivereTime
ItemMap mMitems
PvPInfo pvpInfo
std::vector< ItemSetEffect * > ItemSetEff
uint32 m_lastFallTime
float m_lastFallZ
uint32 m_recallMap
float m_recallX
float m_recallY
float m_recallZ
float m_recallO
uint32 m_homebindMapId
uint16 m_homebindAreaId
float m_homebindX
float m_homebindY
float m_homebindZ
ClientGUIDs m_clientGUIDs
uint8 m_forced_speed_changes [MAX_MOVE_TYPE]
LookingForGroup m_lookingForGroup
uint32 m_HomebindTimer
bool m_InstanceValid
BoundInstancesMap m_boundInstances [TOTAL_DIFFICULTIES]
- Public Attributes inherited from Unit
uint32 m_extraAttacks
bool m_canDualWield
IntervalTimer m_CombatTimer
ControlList m_Controlled
uint64 m_SummonSlot [MAX_SUMMON_SLOT]
uint64 m_ObjectSlot [4]
uint32 m_ShapeShiftFormSpellId
uint32 m_ShapeShiftModelId
ShapeshiftForm m_form
float m_modMeleeHitChance
float m_modRangedHitChance
float m_modSpellHitChance
int32 m_baseSpellCritChance
float m_threatModifier [MAX_SPELL_SCHOOL]
float m_modAttackSpeedPct [3]
uint32 _oldFactionId
EventProcessor m_Events
SpellImmuneList m_spellImmune [MAX_SPELL_IMMUNITY]
uint32 m_lastSanctuaryTime
uint32 m_AuraFlags
PetAuraSet m_petAuras
bool IsAIEnabled
bool NeedChangeAI
uint64 LastCharmerGUID
bool m_ControlledByPlayer
- Public Attributes inherited from WorldObject
FlaggedValuesArray32< int32, uint32, StealthType, TOTAL_STEALTH_TYPESm_stealth
FlaggedValuesArray32< int32, uint32, StealthType, TOTAL_STEALTH_TYPESm_stealthDetect
FlaggedValuesArray32< int32, uint32, InvisibilityType, TOTAL_INVISIBILITY_TYPESm_invisibility
FlaggedValuesArray32< int32, uint32, InvisibilityType, TOTAL_INVISIBILITY_TYPESm_invisibilityDetect
FlaggedValuesArray32< int32, uint32, ServerSideVisibilityType, TOTAL_SERVERSIDE_VISIBILITY_TYPESm_serverSideVisibility
FlaggedValuesArray32< int32, uint32, ServerSideVisibilityType, TOTAL_SERVERSIDE_VISIBILITY_TYPESm_serverSideVisibilityDetect
uint32 m_groupLootTimer
uint64 lootingGroupLeaderGUID
MovementInfo m_movementInfo
- Public Attributes inherited from WorldLocation
uint32 m_mapId
- Public Attributes inherited from Position
float m_positionX
float m_positionY
float m_positionZ

Static Public Attributes

static UpdateMask updateVisualBits

Protected Types

typedef std::list< Channel * > JoinedChannelsList
- Protected Types inherited from Unit
typedef std::list< uint64DynObjectGUIDs

Protected Member Functions

void _LoadActions (QueryResult_AutoPtr result)
void _LoadAuras (QueryResult_AutoPtr result, uint32 timediff)
void _LoadBoundInstances (QueryResult_AutoPtr result)
void _LoadInventory (QueryResult_AutoPtr result, uint32 timediff)
void _LoadMailInit (QueryResult_AutoPtr resultUnread, QueryResult_AutoPtr resultDelivery)
void _LoadMail ()
void _LoadMailedItems (Mail *mail)
void _LoadQuestStatus (QueryResult_AutoPtr result)
void _LoadDailyQuestStatus (QueryResult_AutoPtr result)
void _LoadGroup (QueryResult_AutoPtr result)
void _LoadSkills (QueryResult_AutoPtr result)
void _LoadSpells (QueryResult_AutoPtr result)
void _LoadTutorials (QueryResult_AutoPtr result)
void _LoadFriendList (QueryResult_AutoPtr result)
bool _LoadHomeBind (QueryResult_AutoPtr result)
void _LoadDeclinedNames (QueryResult_AutoPtr result)
void _LoadArenaTeamInfo (QueryResult_AutoPtr result)
void _LoadBGData (QueryResult_AutoPtr result)
void _SaveActions ()
void _SaveAuras ()
void _SaveInventory ()
void _SaveMail ()
void _SaveQuestStatus ()
void _SaveDailyQuestStatus ()
void _SaveSkills ()
void _SaveSpells ()
void _SaveTutorials ()
void _SaveBGData ()
void _SetCreateBits (UpdateMask *updateMask, Player *target) const override
void _SetUpdateBits (UpdateMask *updateMask, Player *target) const override
void HandleSobering ()
void SendMirrorTimer (MirrorTimerType Type, uint32 MaxValue, uint32 CurrentValue, int32 Regen)
void StopMirrorTimer (MirrorTimerType Type)
bool HasMirrorTimerFlag (uint32 flag) const
void HandleDrowning (uint32 time_diff)
int32 getMaxTimer (MirrorTimerType timer)
void outDebugValues () const
bool _removeSpell (uint16 spell_id)
bool CanAlwaysSee (WorldObject const *obj) const override
bool IsAlwaysDetectableFor (WorldObject const *seer) const override
- Protected Member Functions inherited from Unit
 Unit (bool isWorldObject)
void _UpdateSpells (uint32 time)
void _DeleteAuras ()
void _UpdateAutoRepeatSpell ()
virtual SpellSchoolMask GetMeleeDamageSchoolMask () const
void DisableSpline ()
bool IsAlwaysVisibleFor (WorldObject const *seer) const override
bool IsAlwaysDetectableFor (WorldObject const *seer) const override
virtual void SetBaseWalkSpeed (float speed)
virtual void SetBaseRunSpeed (float speed)
- Protected Member Functions inherited from WorldObject
 WorldObject (bool isWorldObject)
void SetLocationMapId (uint32 _mapId)
void SetLocationInstanceId (uint32 _instanceId)
- Protected Member Functions inherited from Object
 Object ()
void _InitValues ()
void _Create (uint32 guidlow, uint32 entry, HighGuid guidhigh)
void _LoadIntoDataField (const char *data, uint32 startOffset, uint32 count)
void _BuildMovementUpdate (ByteBuffer *data, uint8 updateFlags) const
void _BuildValuesUpdate (uint8 updatetype, ByteBuffer *data, UpdateMask *updateMask, Player *target) const

Protected Attributes

uint32 m_contestedPvPTimer
BgBattlegroundQueueID_Rec m_bgBattlegroundQueueID [PLAYER_MAX_BATTLEGROUND_QUEUES]
BGData m_bgData
std::set< uint32m_timedquests
uint64 m_playerSharingQuest
uint32 m_sharedQuestId
uint32 m_ingametime
time_t m_lastHonorUpdateTime
uint64 m_lootGuid
uint32 m_team
uint32 m_nextSave
time_t m_speakTime
uint32 m_speakCount
DungeonDifficulty m_dungeonDifficulty
uint32 m_atLoginFlags
uint32 m_currentBuybackSlot
std::vector< Item * > m_itemUpdateQueue
bool m_itemUpdateQueueBlocked
uint32 m_ExtraFlags
uint64 m_curSelection
uint64 m_comboTarget
int8 m_comboPoints
QuestStatusMap mQuestStatus
SkillStatusMap mSkillStatus
uint32 m_GuildIdInvited
uint32 m_ArenaTeamIdInvited
PlayerMails m_mail
PlayerSpellMap m_spells
SpellCooldowns m_spellCooldowns
std::map< uint32, uint32m_globalCooldowns
ActionButtonList m_actionButtons
float m_auraBaseMod [BASEMOD_END][MOD_END]
SpellModList m_spellMods [MAX_SPELLMOD]
int32 m_SpellModRemoveCount
EnchantDurationList m_enchantDuration
ItemDurationList m_itemDuration
uint64 m_resurrectGUID
uint32 m_resurrectMap
float m_resurrectX
float m_resurrectY
float m_resurrectZ
uint32 m_resurrectHealth
uint32 m_resurrectMana
JoinedChannelsList m_channels
int m_cinematic
bool acceptTrade
uint64 tradeItems [TRADE_SLOT_COUNT]
uint32 tradeGold
time_t m_nextThinkTime
uint32 m_Tutorials [8]
bool m_TutorialsChanged
bool m_DailyQuestChanged
time_t m_lastDailyQuestTime
uint32 m_regenTimer
uint32 m_drunkTimer
uint16 m_drunk
uint32 m_weaponChangeTimer
uint32 m_zoneUpdateId
uint32 m_zoneUpdateTimer
uint32 m_areaUpdateId
uint32 m_deathTimer
time_t m_deathExpireTime
uint32 m_WeaponProficiency
uint32 m_ArmorProficiency
bool m_canParry
bool m_canBlock
uint8 m_swingErrorMsg
float m_ammoDPS
time_t _restTime
uint32 inn_triggerId
float m_rest_bonus
uint32 _restFlagMask
uint32 m_resetTalentsCost
time_t m_resetTalentsTime
uint32 m_usedTalentCount
GroupReference m_group
GroupReference m_originalGroup
uint32 m_groupUpdateMask
uint64 m_auraUpdateMask
bool _passOnGroupLoot
uint32 m_lastpetnumber
time_t m_summon_expire
uint32 m_summon_mapid
float m_summon_x
float m_summon_y
float m_summon_z
- Protected Attributes inherited from Unit
bool m_AutoRepeatFirstCast
bool m_initiatingCombat
uint32 m_attackTimer [MAX_ATTACK]
float m_createStats [MAX_STATS]
AttackerSet m_attackers
DeathState m_deathState
AuraMap m_Auras
AuraMap::iterator m_AurasUpdateIterator
uint32 m_removedAurasCount
DynObjectGUIDs m_dynObjGUIDs
std::list< GameObject * > m_gameObj
bool m_isSorted
uint32 m_transform
AuraList m_removedAuras
AuraList m_modAuras [TOTAL_AURAS]
AuraList m_scAuras
AuraList m_interruptableAuras
AuraList m_ccAuras
uint32 m_interruptMask
float m_auraModifiersGroup [UNIT_MOD_END][MODIFIER_TYPE_END]
float m_weaponDamage [MAX_ATTACK][2]
bool m_canModifyStats
float m_speed_rate [MAX_MOVE_TYPE]
uint32 m_unitTypeMask
SharedVisionList m_sharedVision
MotionMaster i_motionMaster
uint64 miniPetGuid
uint32 m_reactiveTimer [MAX_REACTIVE]
ThreatManager m_ThreatManager
float m_baseSpeedWalk
float m_baseSpeedRun
- Protected Attributes inherited from WorldObject
std::string m_name
bool m_isActive
const bool m_isWorldObject
float m_visibilityDistanceOverride
- Protected Attributes inherited from Object
uint16 m_objectType
uint8 m_objectTypeId
uint8 m_updateFlag
union {
   int32 *   m_int32Values
   uint32 *   m_uint32Values
   float *   m_floatValues
uint16 m_valuesCount
bool m_objectUpdated

Private Member Functions

uint8 _CanStoreItem_InSpecificSlot (uint8 bag, uint8 slot, ItemPosCountVec &dest, ItemTemplate const *pProto, uint32 &count, bool swap, Item *pSrcItem) const
uint8 _CanStoreItem_InBag (uint8 bag, ItemPosCountVec &dest, ItemTemplate const *pProto, uint32 &count, bool merge, bool non_specialized, Item *pSrcItem, uint8 skip_bag, uint8 skip_slot) const
uint8 _CanStoreItem_InInventorySlots (uint8 slot_begin, uint8 slot_end, ItemPosCountVec &dest, ItemTemplate const *pProto, uint32 &count, bool merge, Item *pSrcItem, uint8 skip_bag, uint8 skip_slot) const
Item_StoreItem (uint16 pos, Item *pItem, uint32 count, bool clone, bool update)
void SetCanDelayTeleport (bool setting)
bool IsHasDelayedTeleport () const
bool SetDelayedTeleportFlagIfCan ()
bool IsInstanceLoginGameMasterException () const
void UpdateCharmedAI ()

Private Attributes

LiquidTypeEntry const * _lastLiquid
int32 m_MirrorTimer [MAX_TIMERS]
uint8 m_MirrorTimerFlags
uint8 m_MirrorTimerFlagsLast
float m_GrantableLevels
bool m_isInWater
bool m_wasOutdoors
ReputationMgr m_reputationMgr
MapReference m_mapRef
uint32 m_timeSyncCounter
uint32 m_timeSyncTimer
uint32 m_timeSyncClient
uint32 m_timeSyncServer
WorldLocation m_teleport_dest
uint32 m_teleport_options
bool mSemaphoreTeleport_Near
bool mSemaphoreTeleport_Far
uint32 m_DelayedOperations
bool m_bCanDelayTeleport
bool m_bHasDelayedTeleport
bool m_bHasBeenAliveAtDelayedTeleport
RAFLinkStatus m_rafLink
uint32 m_temporaryUnsummonedPetNumber
uint32 m_oldpetspell
PetStatus m_petStatus
uint32 _activeCheats


class WorldSession
class CinematicMgr
class RegressionTestSuite
void Item::AddToUpdateQueueOf (Player *player)
void Item::RemoveFromUpdateQueueOf (Player *player)

Detailed Description

Definition at line 923 of file Player.h.

Member Typedef Documentation

typedef std::set<uint64> Player::ClientGUIDs

Definition at line 2458 of file Player.h.

Definition at line 1617 of file Player.h.

typedef std::list<Channel*> Player::JoinedChannelsList

Definition at line 2821 of file Player.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Player::Player ( WorldSession session)

Definition at line 254 of file Player.cpp.

References _activeCheats, _cinematicMgr, _lastLiquid, _passOnGroupLoot, _restFlagMask, _restTime, AT_LOGIN_NONE, BASEMOD_END, Player::BgBattlegroundQueueID_Rec::bgQueueType, BUYBACK_SLOT_START, CHEAT_NONE, CinematicMgr, clearResurrectRequestData(), ClearTrade(), CONFIG_INTERVAL_SAVE, DIFFICULTY_NORMAL, DISABLED_MIRROR_TIMER, duel, FLAT_MOD, GetSession(), inn_triggerId, Player::BgBattlegroundQueueID_Rec::invitedToInstance, m_ammoDPS, m_areaUpdateId, m_ArenaTeamIdInvited, m_ArmorProficiency, m_atLoginFlags, m_auraBaseMod, m_auraUpdateMask, m_bCanDelayTeleport, m_bgBattlegroundQueueID, m_bHasBeenAliveAtDelayedTeleport, m_bHasDelayedTeleport, m_canBlock, Unit::m_canDualWield, m_canParry, m_cinematic, m_comboPoints, m_comboTarget, m_contestedPvPTimer, Unit::m_ControlledByPlayer, m_currentBuybackSlot, m_curSelection, m_DailyQuestChanged, m_deathExpireTime, m_deathTimer, m_declinedname, m_DelayedOperations, m_drunk, m_drunkTimer, m_dungeonDifficulty, m_ExtraFlags, m_forced_speed_changes, m_globalCooldowns, m_GrantableLevels, m_groupUpdateMask, m_GuildIdInvited, m_HomebindTimer, m_InstanceValid, WorldObject::m_isActive, m_isInWater, m_items, m_itemUpdateQueueBlocked, m_Last_tick, m_lastDailyQuestTime, m_lastHonorUpdateTime, m_lastpetnumber, m_logintime, m_lootGuid, m_mailsLoaded, m_mailsUpdated, m_MirrorTimer, m_MirrorTimerFlags, m_MirrorTimerFlagsLast, m_mover, m_nextMailDelivereTime, m_nextSave, Object::m_objectType, Object::m_objectTypeId, m_oldpetspell, m_petStatus, m_regenTimer, m_resetTalentsCost, m_resetTalentsTime, m_rest_bonus, m_seer, m_session, m_social, m_speakCount, m_speakTime, m_SpellModRemoveCount, m_stableSlots, m_summon_expire, m_summon_mapid, m_summon_x, m_summon_y, m_summon_z, m_swingErrorMsg, m_team, m_teleport_options, m_temporaryUnsummonedPetNumber, m_transport, m_Tutorials, m_TutorialsChanged, m_usedTalentCount, Object::m_valuesCount, m_wasOutdoors, m_weaponChangeTimer, m_WeaponProficiency, m_zoneUpdateId, m_zoneUpdateTimer, MAX_MOVE_TYPE, MAX_TIMERS, mSemaphoreTeleport_Far, mSemaphoreTeleport_Near, PCT_MOD, PET_STATUS_NONE, PLAYER_END, PLAYER_MAX_BATTLEGROUND_QUEUES, PLAYER_SLOTS_COUNT, PlayerTalkClass, pTrader, SEC_PLAYER, SetAcceptWhispers(), SetGroupInvite(), sWorld, TYPEID_PLAYER, TYPEMASK_PLAYER, UNDERWATER_NONE, and unReadMails.

254  : Unit(true), m_reputationMgr(this)
255 {
256  m_transport = 0;
258  m_speakTime = 0;
259  m_speakCount = 0;
266  m_session = session;
268  m_ExtraFlags = 0;
270  // players always accept
271  if (GetSession()->GetSecurity() == SEC_PLAYER)
272  SetAcceptWhispers(true);
274  m_curSelection = 0;
275  m_lootGuid = 0;
277  m_comboTarget = 0;
278  m_comboPoints = 0;
280  m_usedTalentCount = 0;
282  m_regenTimer = 0;
285  m_zoneUpdateId = 0;
286  m_zoneUpdateTimer = 0;
288  m_areaUpdateId = 0;
289  m_team = 0;
297  memset(m_items, 0, sizeof(Item*)*PLAYER_SLOTS_COUNT);
299  m_social = NULL;
301  // group is initialized in the reference constructor
302  SetGroupInvite(NULL);
303  m_groupUpdateMask = 0;
304  m_auraUpdateMask = 0;
305  _passOnGroupLoot = false;